nadia alterio, the founder and editor in chief of the famous chihuahua® legacy

nadia alterio is the founder and editor in chief of the famous chihuahua® brand and legacy.  she is also the author of the successful ebook, caring for chihuahuas made easy: breed information, health care and nutrition.

as a former professional athlete, miss british columbia, psychology graduate, online marketer extraordinaire and the loving mother of a beautiful boy, nadia’s life journey has been nothing short of incredible.  she currently lives in beautiful british columbia, canada, where she runs famous chihuahua® and proudly represents her italian heritage with respect and dignity for human diversity.

nadia and teaka, companions for life

who am i?  it’s simple, a smart woman who loves her chihuahua.  teaka is the embodiment of what all dog lovers share in a relationship with their pet, a source of unconditional love, happiness and a little companion that will always make you smile.  every chihuahua offers the kind of love, innocence and acceptance that in many cases only people with pets will experience.

chihuahuas are the smallest of the dog breed and within these precious little creatures lies the biggest hearts known to mankind.  it is with gratitude that i do what i can through the influence of famous chihuahua® to honor what chihuahuas represent worldwide.

over the years i have received thousands of emails.  i want to thank everyone who submits their chihuahua pictures and stories.  it is not only a privilege, but a source of great joy to be able to share in the happiness of others by featuring their chihuahuas.  every chihuahua is unique and special in their own way.


nadia alterio
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