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“submit a photo of your chihuahua and make them a famous chihuahua!”

make your chihuahua famous!

in celebration of our 10 year anniversary and having the largest chihuahua facebook community, we are proud to offer free picture features for the entire month of february!

so if you have a cute picture of your chihuahua that you would like to share or you rescued your chihuahua and want to share their picture with the world, then submit their photo!

fun fact: “did you know famous chihuahua was rated 1 of the top 95 pet sites of 2013 & 2014?”

here’s how submitting your chihuahua’s picture will make them famous:

  • their picture will appear on our homepage! the famouschihuahua.com website gets over a million visitors a year! that’s huge exposure!
  • their feature will also have a permanent page in our featured chihuahuas section that you can share with all your friends and family at any time!
  • and finally, they will also be spotlighted on the famous chihuahua facebook page! it’s the largest chihuahua facebook page in the world with near 400,000 likes!

how to send us your picture:

please include the following information:

  • the name and age of your chihuahua
  • where you live in the world
  • your name and email address
  • and what you think makes your chihuahua a superstar

please note:  we will only be able to feature as many pictures as we can keep up with, so your chihuahua may or may not be featured.  also, pictures that are blurry, of low quality and less than 600 pixels in width will not be selected, so make sure you send your picture as a large high resolution jpeg image.  all pictures submitted become the property of famous chihuahua®

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what people are saying!

“Thank you so much for making our dogs FAMOUS CHIHUAHUAS! We are proud to be part of your ever growing family. We feel the love, concern and genuine hope expressed in your article. Our spirits were dampened by the sad news about Tori. I saw your webpage and thought it would be fun to submit their photos and raise everyone’s spirits again.  We thank the entire staff at FAMOUS CHIHUAHUAS for giving all of us a reason to smile and laugh in the face of our crisis. You did more than make them famous, you gave us hope. Happy Holidays!”
~ The Hirahara family.

meet the hirahara family chihuahuas, cricket, hoppi and tori. 3 little angels

“i was so pleased with the adorable spin on arnie’s story. it was better than any of my expectations! the push of arnie’s page on facebook and on this site sure got him out there and made him a star – as he deserves! if you love your chihuahua and know they live for the attention (what chi doesn’t?), then i highly recommend this amazing site!”
~ serena & arnie

arnie’s picture feature!

“wow! that was fast! thank you for making such a great page! i can’t wait to share it!”
~ jacquie & bella

bella’s picture feature!

“thank you famous chihuahua, you did a terrific job! my friends loved it!”
~ carolyn & tequila

tequila’s picture feature!

“thank you so much! her feature is just fabulous! now that she’s famous, she’s gotta have a famous chihuahua shirt!”
~ gina & cha cha

cha cha’s picture feature!