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  1. michele t

    Mini says good luck!!! you resemble our Filmore….he passed away in september or he would be in the picture with mini :0( happy new year and good luck!

  2. Stu

    Poor little rocky. If anyone deserves to win then it’s him. He looks like he was all dressed up (much to his disapproval) to go to see Santa, and Santa wasn’t there. Well his mom will have to give him extra treats instead……….(is that Easter bonnet ready yet I wonder???)

  3. elvis

    hey rocky,
    thanks for the nice comment you left on my photo and fbook post! your picture is too cute! i love the sweater and the hat! you’re such a good sport! you’re the only to make the time to say something nice to the other contestants including me, so i really appretiate that! you’re so nice! good luck to you too!
    -elvis <3

  4. loraine yalland

    wow rocky, look at mummys boy in his pj’s and santa hat,you made it to the final 20,of the famous chihuahua christmas picture competition, thank you to everyone that put him there xxx 🙂

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