the best dog car seats for safe pet travel!

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dog car seats elevate your pet so they can see out and are equipped with a leash tether to attach to your dog’s harness for safe pet travel.  when looking for dog car seats, be sure to find one that will support the weight of your dog and will work in your particular vehicle.

many dog car seats attach to a vehicle’s headrests; other dog car seats simply sit on the vehicle’s seat but are designed to provide elevation.  whichever style of dog car seats you choose, always think about safe pet travel by securing your pet appropriately.

we highly recommend the car seat dog cradle for chihuahuas.  it can be attached to any seat in the car within minutes and folds flat.  the integral strap attaches to any harness to keep your chihuahua secure while they sit, stand or lay down.  knowing your chihuahua is safely restrained allows you the driver to concentrate 100% on the road ahead.

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prevent your chihuahua from overheating with these important summer safety tips!

chihuahua with straw hat, standing on beach

it’s summer and the heat has arrived!  chihuahuas are small animals that love the sunshine and come from a hot environment, but they’re still prone to overheating and temperature sensitivity.  here are some tips for keeping your chihuahua cool during these hot summer days.

vehicles.  many chihuahua owners take their dogs everywhere.  if you do this, make sure your dog can go with you wherever you take her.  in the summer heat, a chihuahua (as well as children and other animals) can develop health problems in a matter of minutes.

water.  always bring water with you and a way for your chihuahua to drink it.  try teaching your dog how to drink from a bottle of water.  you can also purchase a collapsible water bowl.

panting.  when dogs are hot, they pant.  if your chihuahua is panting excessively with labored breath, she could be in trouble.  get her into a cooler environment and offer her water immediately.  foam at the mouth is another indication that it’s just too hot for your dog.

exercise.  it’s easy to exercise chihuahuas indoors, and this may be something to consider on hot days.  when heat warnings are in effect, you and your dog should spend most time indoors.  try a light game of fetch inside with your chihuahua’s favorite toy.

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meet yoshimura, an adorable nine-week old chihuahua puppy from wisconsin!

black long haired chihuahua puppy

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this cute and fluffy long-haired chihuahua puppy is yoshimura (yoshi for short).  yoshi is nine weeks old and lives with her mommy,  jillisa anderson, in the midwestern state of wisconsin.  yoshi  loves to run, play and is quite the escape artist, so it’s important to keep a close eye on this little superstar!  today we are happy to officially declare yoshi a ‘fun, furry and fabulous’ famous chihuahua!

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