meet beezer, a dashing chihuahua from hereford, arizona!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas

chihuahua in bomber jacket

“look mama, i’m famous!”

beezer is a one year old deerhead chihuahua from hereford, arizona.  he enjoys nibbling on fingers and his adoring eyes will melt your heart!  doesn’t he look dashing in his bomber jacket!  check out these other cool boy dog jackets on sale!

congratulations beezers mommy, beezerparis is officially a fun and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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the famous chihuahua® selfie picture contest! you and your pup could win big!

famous chihuahua editor contests

the famous chihuahua selfie picture contest

here’s how to enter this ‘pawsome’ selfie contest!

1.  smile for the camera and take a selfie of you with your chihuahua!  if you’re unsure of how to do this, here are some tips on how to take the perfect pet selfie!

2.  find the item code number for the pink argyle dog sweater found in the winter sale section at the famous chihuahua store (see image below).  click here to visit the famous chihuahua store!

pink argyle dog sweater

3.  send your selfie picture attached to an email to [email protected]

include the following information:

  • the name of your chihuahua
  • your first and last name
  • your mailing address
  • why you think you and your chihuahua should win
  • an answer to the question, “what item do you like most at the famous chihuahua store?”
  • and the item code number for the “pink argyle dog sweater” (don’t forget this!)

4.  add your email to receive updates for this contest!

add your email for contest updates here!
* indicates required

View previous campaigns.

the winner will receive these amazing prizes!

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how to brush your chihuahua’s teeth

famous chihuahua editor chihuahua health concerns

your chihuahua’s teeth should be brushed everyday.  it will help to keep your chihuahua’s teeth and gums clean, healthy and free of periodontal gum disease.

start brushing your chihuahua’s teeth early, so it becomes routine they willingly become accustomed to.  early brushing will also prevent the likelihood of other chihuahua health problems.

chihuahua holding toothbrush

(photo: minnie pearl by lauren quinn)

what should you use to brush your chihuahua’s teeth?

use a child’s soft-bristle toothbrush, a finger toothbrush, gauze around a finger or a cotton swab.

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the dangers of periodontal gum disease in chihuahuas: what you need to know

famous chihuahua editor chihuahua health concerns

healthy chihuahua teeth

chihuahua with strong and healthy teeth – model: bella the famous chihuahua

when gum disease starts, it’s usually goes unnoticed because there are no outward signs and symptoms.  however, once it begins to accelerate in growth, it can damage your chihuahua’s mouth resulting in eroded gums, teeth falling out, bone loss, internal pain, suffering and even death.

the good news is that gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can be prevented.

why do chihuahuas get gum disease?

after your chihuahua eats, bacteria mixed with saliva and food begins to create an unpleasant film over the teeth called plaque that’s recognized as foreign matter to the immune system.  this foreign matter triggers the immune system to react and it begins to assemble white blood cells to attack the foreign matter.

enzymes then released by the white blood cells fight to break down gum tissue resulting in inflamed gums, damaged tissue and bone loss.  in chihuahuas, it eventually leads to tooth loss if proper dental care is neglected.

because chihuahuas have a more alkaline environment in their mouths that propels plaque formation than humans do, they are five times more likely to get periodontal disease.

chihuahua back molars gum disease

brushing the hidden back molars of your chihuahua’s teeth should not be overlooked

plaque-forming bacteria also multiplies if your chihuahua’s teeth are not brushed every day, which also includes lifting their lips and thoroughly cleaning their hidden and hard to get at back molars.

the dangers of gum disease in chihuahuas

if plaque and mineral deposits (dental calculus) on your chihuahua’s teeth is not cleaned with regular brushing and routine veterinary dental care, it will result in halitosis (bad breath), gingivitis (painful inflammation of the gums), tooth loss and full on periodontal disease.

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meet princess paris, a plus-size chihuahua model famous in the united kingdom!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas

paris chihuahua model

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this little doll is princess paris the chihuahua.  she’s a 3 year old classy and fabulous plus-size chihuahua model with thick thighs and pretty eyes! follow this beautiful chihuahua fashionista on instagram at princess paris the chi and on facebook at princess paris the chihuahua, where you will get daily photos of her cuteness and her world of being spoiled by mommy!

congratulations sofie, princess paris is officially a fun and fabulous famous chihuahua®

mothers day dog t-shirts

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