meet lou lou blue, an adorable blue chihuahua puppy from newquay, england

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tiny blue chihuahua puppy

“look mama, i’m famous!”

lou lou is the new tiny blue chihuahua puppy of carmen thompson from newquay, cornwall in the uk.  she’s a fast learner that loves playtime and her naps, where she gets to cuddle up with mommy.   lou lou also enjoys chasing after the 3 cats she lives with and showing them whose boss!

carmen is very proud to be little lou lou’s new mommy and can’t wait to see her grow and blossom into a well-behaved beautiful adult lady chihuahua.

congratulations carmen, lou lou blue is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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shaking puppy syndrome: a condition in dogs known as hypomyelination

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shaking puppy syndrome is a disease that effects the central or peripheral nervous system of the brain and is medically termed hypomyelination.  the good news is that your puppy can grow out of it and still grow up to live a happy and healthy life.

at birth, often puppies that develop the syndrome are normal.  they later develop symptoms at 1 – 2 weeks old.  typically they begin to tremor and it’s predominantly more noticeable in the hind legs.

this tremoring can cause them to miss out out on important feedings from their mother as they are less likely to be able to hold their ground when trying to reach their mother’s nipples.  in these cases, they will require hand feeding.


**warning: the chihuahua puppy in this video is okay and in no way being harmed


what causes the shaking?

when an insufficient production of myelin occurs, the substance that insulates and stabilizes nerves, hypomyelination is the result.  a lack of myelin cause the nerves to be sensitive resulting in shakes and tremors.  the more active your puppy is, the more they will shake, the less active, the less they will shake.  in fact, when they sleep, the shaking often goes away completely.

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meet sherman, a beutiful blue-eyed merle chihuahua from st. charles, illinois

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“look mama, i’m famous!”

sherman is a rare blue-eyed merle chihuahua with adorable pink lips!  at 1.5 years of age, he brings so much love and joy to the babcock family from st. charles, illinois.  sherman loves to take out all his doggie toys from his toy bin and whines if they are put back.

sherman also enjoys playing fetch and does a great army crawl!  sherman is the dog that makes everyone smile who meets him smile and the babcock family couldn’t be happier with him!

congratulations jill, sherman is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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meet wilson, a chihuahua from dallas texas who runs in circles when he’s happy!

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chihuahua tongue out

“look mama, i’m famous!”

“hi!  my name is wilson.  i live in texas and here is my story!”

wilson was originally from south carolina, born in march of 2009, where sadly he was only allowed to stay in a bathtub.  when his mommy first laid eyes on him, it was love at first sight.  he was so excited to finally have the attention he so deserved, that he ran around in circles with excitement.  to this day, when wilson is excited he does his laps, just fewer of them as he gets older.

at 5 months of age, wilson moved to our nation’s capital in washington, d.c. and has had the privilege of running around on the lawn of the capital building, walking along the mall, seeing the cherry blossoms, and all of the monuments.  in 2014 he moved to dallas, texas, where he currently lives with his mom and dad.  he loves his monkey dog bed, but also loves his couch bed, yes it is really a couch, but his favorite place to sleep is on a blanket on the couch that he really “isn’t allowed” to sleep on.

wilson has grown to be a lake dog, enjoying boat rides and lounging on a float to keep cool from the texas summer heat.  he is a very funny little fella, a lover of people, especially kids, and is perfectly happy to just be with his family.  there isn’t a single person out there that hasn’t met wilson and instantly fallen in love.  follow wilson on instagram at @mr.wilson2.0.

congratulations to the pierson family, wilson is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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meet beanie, a sweet kindhearted applehead chihuahua from canada

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black and white applehead chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

beanie is a sweet, kindhearted applehead chihuahua from winnipeg, manitoba, who is boldly taking on the cold of the true canadian north.  beanie is a quiet little boy with a big personality that enjoys going for long walks with his bulldog sister, cuddling on the couch and devouring snacks.  he gets most excited when grandma comes over and he hops in her purse for a sleepover.

beanie  loves his pet carrier and is always ready to hop into it.  he has three chihuahua homies that live down the street and his bestie’s name is timmy.  follow beanie on instagram at beanie the bean

congratulations hannah, beanie is now a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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