meet quinn and lovey, two glamorous chihuahua models from orlando, florida!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas


“look papa, we’re famous!”

meet quinn and lovey, two adorable chihuahua fashionistas making a statement in the world of doggie couture!  quinn is an energetic and curious chihuahua that loves to pose for the camera and lovey is a feisty chocolate colored chihuahua that is mellow, and yet quite the diva.


both quinn and lovey are spoiled by their daddy, quincy booker, who lavishes them with gifts from and always makes sure they look their best in the latest and greatest chihuahua clothing and accessories… and why wouldn’t she, they are simply so deserving of it!

congratulations quincy, quinn and lovey are officially fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahuas®


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meet charlie, a beautiful blue chihuahua puppy from kerang, victoria, australia

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas

blue chihuahua puppy

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this little girl is charlie.  she’s a 5 month old blue chihuahua puppy with a heart of gold.  she loves to pose for pictures and we think she looks absolutely adorable in her vintage rose floral dog harness from the famous chihuahua store.

charlie brings so much joy into her family’s life as she warms even the coldest of hearts.  even through the most trying times, at the end of the day, it is little charlie is who brings her family together.

congratulations kelly igoe, charlie is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®
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meet chi-chi, an adorable chocolate chihuahua puppy with sass!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas

chocolate chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this beautiful 8 week old chocolate apple head chihuahua is chi-chi!  isn’t she just absolutely adorable!  after only 20 minutes in her new home with her mommy claire burns, she was fast to show their quiet 6 year old bichon who will rule the house!  looks like this little princess is certain to get her way as she shows everyone whose boss!

congratulations claire, chi-chi is now a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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meet lilly, an adorable chihuahua that’s grandpa’s precious fur child!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas


“look mama, i’m famous!”

my name is lilly.  i’m a 9 year old applehead chihuahua and i am very loved by many, but my grandpa loves me the most.  he even chooses to carry a picture of me in his wallet over his real grand kids because i’m his precious fur grandchild 🙂

my mom loves to dress me up in cute outfits.  i don’t mind wearing chihuahua clothes because my hair is very thin and my human sister teases me all the time about it.  my mom is always looking for ways to make me look like i have more than i really do.  she even hand sews me hats and wigs and outfits and costumes.  i’ve won many pet costume events and even twice in one week!

congratulations robin morris, lilly is a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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