a message from the mommy of darcy, our 2015 world’s cutest famous chihuahua®

worlds cutest chihuahua

a message from jessica shield, the mommy of our 2015 world’s cutest famous chihuahua®

“i would like to send a huge thank you to famous chihuahua for all of darcy’s prizes!  we love everything!  darcy can’t wait until she grows into all her new clothes so she can look even cuter!  she’s letting her big sister millie borrow her clothes for now because they fit her perfect!”

chihuahua clothes and accessories

all of darcy’s cute new chihuahua clothes and accessories!

chihuahua pink dog coat

and here’s darcy’s sister millie modelling darcy’s new pink quilted dog coat!  how adorable!

congratulations again darcy!  we love you and look forward to featuring many more pictures of you!

funny dog shirts


send us your halloween picture for our 2015 halloween picture extravaganza!

chihuahua halloween dog pictures

got a cute and fun halloween picture of your chihuahua you want to share with the world?  send it to us at [email protected] and your chihuahua’s picture could be featured in our annual chihuahua halloween picture extravaganza this october 30th and 31st!

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