chihuahua health problems: what are common health problems in chihuahuas?

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chihuahua health problems

health problems in chihuahuas are common and it’s your duty to know how to look after your chihuahua if they need care.  we put together a collection of common chihuahua health problems and questions that cover the following health issues:

  • signs/symptoms of a sick chihuahua: when to take your chihuahua to a vet
  • patellar luxation:  a knee problem in chihuahuas
  • tracheal collapse in chihuahua puppies and dogs
  • is a recessive blue gene linked to health issues in chihuahuas?
  • kerato-conjunctivitis sicca: dry eyes in your chihuahua
  • why do chihuahuas shiver all the time?
  • why do chihuahua snore so loud and is this normal?
  • wheezing and seizure-like episodes in chihuahuas
  • dental treatment for bad dog breath in your chihuahua
  • learn how to read the nutrition labels on your chihuahua’s food
  • anophthalmos in chihuahuas
  • chihuahua health guide:  learn how to take care of your chihuahua
  • kennel cough in chihuahuas: prevention, symptoms and treatment

educate yourself on these topics and more by reading through our chihuahua health problems page


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