chili the chihuahua

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chili the chihuahua loves to run and play in the park!

“hello amigos, i am chili the chihuahua! i am three years old and live happily with my mommy laura ware and daddy in raleigh, nc.”

“mommy and daddy adopted me from the humane society in savannah, georgia when I was 9 months old. later we moved to raleigh and they got me a big sister from the pound too. she is easily scared, so I protect her always!”

“i love going for walks to the dog park. mommy bought me all kinds of nice sweaters that i love to wear even tho daddy says its silly! i can jump over a 3 foot baby gate, i know how to get in the trash and i sleep under the covers with mommy every night. i make sure i have at least 3 toys in every room, but I’m careful to remove the squeakers so mom and dad can’t find them.”

“for tricks i can sit, spin, and stay. ill do tricks for a treat like apples and carrots! i take time to get used to some people, but everybody loves me! mommy likes to say she never knew such a big personality could be packed into ten pounds!”

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