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the chihuahua, with its apple-dome skull and large luminous eyes, can wear a remarkably human expression at times

the chihuahua, with its apple-head skull and large luminous eyes, can wear a remarkably human expression at times and will want to be with you most, if not all of the time.

warning: don’t buy a chihuahua if you don’t have the emotional real estate in your heart or the time for the complete love and attention of this furry little pet.  they are like children.

chihuahuas can be smooth coat or long coat.  apple head or dear head, blue coat or merle coat,  there is no chihuahua breed standard distinction made between the two in the united states, since both smooth coat and long coat can occur in a litter.  experienced chihuahua owners say that each dog of this breed has their own unique personality; this is a very individualistic breed.

a few generalizations can be made. chihuahuas are graceful, energetic, and swift-moving canines.  they have often been described as having “terrier-like” qualities; that is, the qualities of being alert, observant, and keen on interacting with their masters.  they are extremely loyal and get attached to one or two persons.

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what is a teacup chihuahua? is this even a legitimate term? get the facts right here!

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teacup chihuahuas

what exactly does the term teacup chihuahua mean and is it a legitimate term for characterizing a specific type of chihuahua? much controversy exists over this term, so let’s get the chihuahua facts!

the term teacup chihuahua is mainly an american term. it’s often used to refer to the size of a chihuahua and shouldn’t be used to categorize a specific type of chihuahua as you would reference a short-haired vs a long-haired chihuahua or a deerhead chihuahua vs an applehead chihuahua.

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chihuahua breed standards: official akc standard of the chihuahua breed

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chihuahua breed standards

chihuahuas are characterized by the american kennel club under the toy group breed and follow these specific show standards:

general appearance – a graceful, alert, swift-moving little dog with saucy expression, compact, and with terrier-like qualities of temperament.

weight – a well balanced little dog not to exceed 6 pounds.

proportion – the body is off-square; hence, slightly longer when measured from point of shoulder to point of buttocks, than height at the withers. somewhat shorter bodies are preferred in males.

disqualification – any dog over 6 pounds in weight.

head – a well rounded “apple dome” skull, with or without molera. expression – saucy.

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chihuahua training: learn how to stop your chihuahua from barking!

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chihuahuas love to bark.  it’s a perfectly natural thing for them to do, just as it’s normal for us humans to speak.  it’s when our chihuahuas bark excessively that it becomes a problem for all concerned, including the neighbors.  the goal isn’t to to stop our chihuahuas from barking, but rather learn how to control the excessive barking.

the fact is, chihuahuas bark.  they do it when they’re excited or when they sense danger.  some do it when they’re bored – or worse, for no reason at all. in these cases, you want to teach your chihuahua that barking is only permitted under certain circumstances.

the first step in modifying this problem is to determine the reason why your chihuahua is barking in the first place.  once you’ve identified the cause or trigger, you can then plan your training solution.

why do chihuahuas bark?

  • to express their needs (being bossy).
  • they are staking out their territory.
  • to alert other members of their pack (that’s you and your family) of impending danger.
  • when playing, just through sheer excitement.
  • barking at other animals. depending on where you are in the world, it could be squirrels or any other small animal.
  • if they are isolated.
  • some chihuahuas bark excessively when separated from their pack (you and your family).
  • if they are trapped behind some type of barrier like a fence or window.
  • just for fun!
  • to express dominance (puppies normally test you out at some stage with a display of dominance barking).
  • they bark because their owners have inadvertently rewarded excessive barking in the past (this is crucial to understand)
  • through boredom or a lack of physical and mental stimulation.
  • may feel stressed or uncomfortable for some reason. things like feeling threatened or if they don’t have an appropriate place to sleep can cause excessive barking problems.chihuahuas that haven’t been properly socialized often become nuisance barkers.
  • may be looking for a response or some attention from their pack.

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did you know the affenhuahua is one of the most popular crossbreed dogs out there?

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affenhuahua chihuahua cross breed

image source: co-op

did you know one of the most popular crossbreeds is the affenhuahua?  what the heck is an affenhuahua you ask?  well it’s a chihuahua mixed with an affenpinscher, also known as the monkey terrier, and is a terrier-like toy dog breed.  affenhuahuas are cute, intelligent and playful dogs that do well with children and are easy to train.

how did we figure this out?  simple.  we used the internet’s number one crossbreed tool that allows you to discover a type of crossbreed dog and calculate the most popular and sought after crossbreed dogs.  by choosing dog a and dog b, the tool shows you what crossbreed a mix of those two breeds would make.  in total there’s close to 200 different crossbreeds that can be discovered using the tool.

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merle chihuahuas: potential health problems from the merle color gene

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merle chihuahua

what exactly are merle chihuahuas?

merle chihuahuas are said to be the latest ‘style’ or ‘designer color’ to gain popularity within chihuahua breeding during the past 15 years, but due to potential health problems, merle chihuahuas are rarely mentioned in credible books about genetic coloring patterns of the breed.  chocolate and long haired merle chihuahuas are also a rare find, thus making them more desirable to people who are more concerned about making a ‘fashion’ statement.

how does merle breeding work?

the merle gene will change the pigmentation of their base color causing them to have a lighter colored spots throughout their fur coat.  merles can create very intriguing and unique colored chihuahuas and at times will often have blue eyes.  the merle gene is also a dominant gene. this means that one parent must be a merle for the gene to be passed on to their offspring.  thus the gene will not remain dormant for many years and then suddenly surface.

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