Wheezing/Seizure-Like Episodes

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What to do When Your Chihuahua has Wheezing/Seizure-Like Episodes

My husband and I have a chihuahua named Bugsy. We found your web site while trying to find health information. We absolutely love it. Do you have any information about wheezing and their seizure-like episodes. Ours sometimes acts like he can’t catch his breath…

Many chihuahuas owners do not realize that chihuahuas are bred to be small. Breeders create them and as much as we love them, cross breeding can have effects. Trachea issues are common in chihuahuas and can usually be identified by episodes of wheezing. Their trachea collapses on them and the wheezing is usually their immediate response. However, it is ineffective. Instead take firm hold of your Chihuahua, calm them and then plug their noses. This will force them to swallow and breath through their mouths. This is the only remedy so please make a mental note of this.

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Comments 85

  1. Sandy and Jim

    Our 9 yr old spayed female is having choking spells after drinking her water and at times falls on her side and stiffens out with her back arching , head thrown backand screaming so loud.We grab her up and put our mouth over her nose and puff air into her. She then continues to breathe heavy. Our vet exrayed and found a leaking heart valve with some liquid in her left lung . She is on heart meds and 2 fluid pills. These attacks I believe undiagnosed trachea collapse and we will take her back a 3rd time! Cost an arm and leg, but she is loved like our child. Oh by the way she is a tiny chi. Pray she’ll get through the night. What a fright this last attack was!

  2. Deandre

    My sweet pea is 7 and sometimes when nothing is going on it’s like she’s at attention and her head goes from left to right then down. She will continue this motion for hours. What is the issue

  3. Alicia

    My Charlie is 14 weeks and he breaths fast and even while he sleeps. I just wonder if its callapse trachea or more lungs or heart. Im so afraid to know. I just lost my 8 year old chihuahua only month and a half ago and it was so tramatic for me. He past unexpected right in front of me. Im still going thru it and im not wanting to know any bad news about my new little sweetheart.

  4. Laura Macka

    My 12 year old male Chi had what I think was a seizure today, but as I’ve never seen him do this I’m not sure. I’m reading, researching, and I’m pretty sure this is what happened. We have a family business and I take hi into the office daily. He of course barks as ppl come in, and will continue to until they acknowledge/pet him. Today right before we left, a couple I’ve known for years came in. He barked they walked into the inner room from the entry way, and I look bk and he is laying flat on his belly on the floor, but jerking like he’s humping or swimming, but stays on the ground. My customer says oh he’s having a seizure, that hers had once. I was just shocked, and she says let him be or you can make it worse of something like that, but honestly I was freaking. Within a min to a min and half, he finally gets to his feet and has urinated on himself. Now, I will not claim he’s above peeing if you don’t take him out, of something is brought into his territory smelling like another dog or home, but he never just randomly pees on himself, and never even has the aforementioned almost spiteful pees at work. I feel like he was just not right the whole way home, and honestly even now as we’re laying on the couch together at least an hour and half later. I’m petrified, so idk how much of my judgement of his current actions are accurate. Pls someone respond, am I crazy?

  5. Rachael Kemp

    Please take your chi to see a Neurologist if they look like they are having seizures or spinning or yelping for unknown reasons. My Chihuahua was diagnosed with GME a couple of years ago and is a really horrible condition especially for your chihuhua to endure. It can be controlled though but you must. I recommend a website called http://petparentsfightinggme.ning.com.
    All the best

  6. lisa crowson

    Hi all x my 1 year 6 month chi …has had I fit I think he went all stiff with no eye movement and locked his gaw after 3 mins he went off playing as though nothing as happened it’s frightened me to death. As anybody any idea what happened x it’s now happened twice

  7. Deb

    my Chihuahua is of unknown age and literally will not stay still spining in circles for 20 hours i think some days. . I have watched him go over 200 full spins in. Less than a half an hour non stop its like he is on acid and speed. Whats wrong with my baby ??

  8. Claire

    My little girl was born a week early. She has wheezing deep breathing issues (as you can see here chest sucking deep when she is asleep). I told my vet she aspirated her mother’s milk, he said my little girl’s lungs were damaged and that there was nothing he could do. Is this right?

  9. Haley

    Mine has the same problem but the vet had said depending on what the episode looks like it could be a tracheal collapse of an over extended palate. Hope this helps.

  10. Marissa

    @Roger, my 11 month old female chihuahua, Baby, is doing the same thing. Have you figured out what’s wrong with him? It sounds and looks like pre-seizure symptoms but no seizure.

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