Wheezing/Seizure-Like Episodes

What to do When Your Chihuahua has Wheezing/Seizure-Like Episodes

My husband and I have a chihuahua named Bugsy. We found your web site while trying to find health information. We absolutely love it. Do you have any information about wheezing and their seizure-like episodes. Ours sometimes acts like he can’t catch his breath…

Many chihuahuas owners do not realize that chihuahuas are bred to be small. Breeders create them and as much as we love them, cross breeding can have effects. Trachea issues are common in chihuahuas and can usually be identified by episodes of wheezing. Their trachea collapses on them and the wheezing is usually their immediate response. However, it is ineffective. Instead take firm hold of your Chihuahua, calm them and then plug their noses. This will force them to swallow and breath through their mouths. This is the only remedy so please make a mental note of this.


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  • Sandy and Jim
    October 1, 2018 4:13 pm

    Our 9 yr old spayed female is having choking spells after drinking her water and at times falls on her side and stiffens out with her back arching , head thrown backand screaming so loud.We grab her up and put our mouth over her nose and puff air into her. She then continues to breathe heavy. Our vet exrayed and found a leaking heart valve with some liquid in her left lung . She is on heart meds and 2 fluid pills. These attacks I believe undiagnosed trachea collapse and we will take her back a 3rd time! Cost an arm and leg, but she is loved like our child. Oh by the way she is a tiny chi. Pray she’ll get through the night. What a fright this last attack was!

  • My sweet pea is 7 and sometimes when nothing is going on it’s like she’s at attention and her head goes from left to right then down. She will continue this motion for hours. What is the issue

  • My Charlie is 14 weeks and he breaths fast and even while he sleeps. I just wonder if its callapse trachea or more lungs or heart. Im so afraid to know. I just lost my 8 year old chihuahua only month and a half ago and it was so tramatic for me. He past unexpected right in front of me. Im still going thru it and im not wanting to know any bad news about my new little sweetheart.

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