beverly hills chihuahua 2 official trailer! “papi and chloe are back!”

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click image to order your copy of beverly hills chihuahua 2 on dvd!

famous chihuahua is happy to announce that everybody’s favorite talking chihuahuas are back on on dvd this february 1st in beverly hills chihuahua 2, a comedy that’s a pack of outrageous fun for the whole family and chihuahua lovers everywhere!

puppy mayhem turns the lives of newlywed chihuahua parents, papi and chloe upside down. there’s no greater challenge than a litter of rambunctious, mischievous puppies, but when human owners end up in trouble, the little pups will stop at nothing to save their family. papi, chloe and the puppies embark on a heroic adventure and prove that big heroes come in small packages.

featuring an all-star cast including george lopez (papi) and complete with a litter of bonus features, this heartwarming tale of the meaning of family, friendship and loyalty is a special breed of disney fun – times five. now available on dvd and blue ray.

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have you seen the internet’s most famous talking chihuahua?

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beverly hills chihuahua now available on dvd

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beverly hills chihuahua now available on dvd

get ready chihuahua lovers, beverly hills chihuahua, the greatest chihuahua movie of all time is now available on dvd and blue ray disc!

this hilarious fun-filled adventure stars a pampered, diamond-clad booty-wearing chihuahua named chloe (voiced by drew barrymore) who lives in beverly hills, but gets lost while on vacation in mexico.

it is the brave papi (voiced by george lopez), a heroic chihuahua that is crazy about chloe who springs to action and heads south of the border to rescue her.

while trying to survive the anything but glamorous streets of mexico, little chloe befriends delgado (voiced by andy garcia), a former german shepherd police dog who had to leave the force after a troubling incident. he calls chloe “kid” and insists she’s not his responsibility, but he keeps coming back to rescue her.

papi, chloe and delgado from beverly hills chihuahua

this heartwarming and outrageously funny tale about two brave chihuahuas is a real treat for chihuahua owners and for lovers of pets. this walt disney film is a definite two thumbs up! own it or rent it today.

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