at four-inches, boo boo the chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog

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congratulations to lana elswick and her chihuahua boo boo who were on the regis and kelly show! boo boo was once again officially declared the world’s smallest chihuahua according to the world book of guinness records! “viva la chihuahua!”

boo-boo is smaller than giant george's head!

the world’s tallest dog and the world’s smallest dog side by side. boo-boo is smaller than george’s head! now that’s tiny! we can’t help but notice how happy little boo boo looks from all the attention. too cute for words!

tiny boo-boo poses pretty next to the 2011 world guinness book she appears in

boo-boo poses next to the 2011 world guinness book she appears in. be sure to get your copy of this edition! photo credits hasselle.

get your copy of the guinness world book of records featuring boo boo the world

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here is boo boo the chihuahua’s amazing story …

a tiny chihuahua has taken a giant leap into history after the guinness book of world records officially named it the new title holder for world’s smallest dog.

at just four inches tall, “boo-boo,” a diminutive dog in raceland, ky., just edged out another chihuahua to win the crown.

lana elswick says boo-boo was born the size of her thumb. elswick says from the beginning she knew her dog was special, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that she knew just how special.

“there was this contest going on between two little dogs, but i knew i had the smallest one. but, i just had to wait until i had my certificate to show everyone,” elswick says.

the guinness book now considers the full-grown though petite pet the smallest dog in the world, nearly an inch smaller than the previous record holder.

booboo, the world's smallest chihuahua

boo boo in adorable chihuahua clothes poses pretty next to coke bottle and a purse. she’s tiny!

elswick says boo-boo lives a life of luxury now, eating a quality meal while getting plenty of playtime in between.

“she doesn’t like dog food, so i fix her ground turkey and put peas in it. that’s her breakfast,” she says. “and then she likes to lay in her bed and sleep after she eats. and they she likes to get up and play with her toys.”

according to the guinness web site, in comparison, the world’s tallest dog is gibson, a harlequin great dane, who measured 42.2 inches tall on aug. 31, 2004 and is owned by sandy hall of grass valley, calif.

this article was first published 3 years ago, but famous chihuahua is happy to welcome boo boo and her owner lana elswick to the famous chihuahua facebook community for chihuahua owners.

you may also remember boo boo and lana when they made an appearance in an episode on the oprah winfrey show that featured “amazing animals” in november of 2008.

visit boo boo and lana on the web at

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  1. Smilie

    I bought my chi two weeks before Christmas now he is four months old and weighs 1 lb. 3oz. I do not know his height as of rt now but he is very tiny. On his next visit to the vets office I’m going to have his height checked. I’m wondering if he might break your record. 🙂

  2. emily barr

    boo boo is such a cute dog i just cant believe she was the size of a thumb when she was born i bet it was hard takeing care of her when she was the size of a thumb!..,

  3. Jakera wagstaff

    she sooooooo adorable can i have ger wen i turn 18 i will pay yuuh 100 or less

  4. cindy miltenberger

    my lil chihuahua i got almost 2 weeks ago and he doesnt eat much he dont eat when we are not around he is my first lil dog im use to dobermans please can any one help i would love to know. and another one he wont use the puppy pads unless he is in a small area.. i need help!!

  5. Christi Derington

    My baby is full grown, he just weighed in at the vet @ 1 lb. His name is lil man…..he may be the smallest ever

  6. June

    I would like to be on your newsletter list, but I can’t get the join to appear so I can’t send the information ..Thanks June

  7. Stacy Gregory

    What a picture! I didn’t notice the perspective at first—the big dog is much closer to the camera, so I thought he was even BIGGER! Still, the contrast is striking—it really drives home the wonderful variety of this creature we call “dog.”

  8. Teresa Melton

    I very much enjoyed the video’s and I think Boo Boo is so cute. When you come to Alabama again I sure want to meet you guys.

  9. JackPDB

    What a picture! I didn’t notice the perspective at first—the big dog is much closer to the camera, so I thought he was even BIGGER! Still, the contrast is striking—it really drives home the wonderful variety of this creature we call “dog.”

  10. Geraldine Whitaker

    How is a dog entered in a contest as being the smallest in the world? I have a fawn longcoat male, Oklahoma Twister, that weighs 1 lb 12 ounces on postage scales. He was a year old May 22, 2010. I don’t know how tall he is, I don’t know if the measurement is taken at the shoulder or top of the head.

  11. myfurrytails

    I love Boo Boo…she is soo cute!! I have three chihuahua furry babies. IMO Chihuahua is tiny angel!!

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