princess teacup chihuahua

princess, the smallest teacup chihuahua in the world?

princess, the smallest teacup chihuahua in the world?

dear famous chihuahua,

my name is gizelle morales and i would like to introduce the world to my teacup chihuahua princess. i believe my princess is the smallest dog in the world, weighing in at only 1.8 pounds. she is as big as a dollar bill and smaller than a bottled water.

little princess is a feisty 3 years old. she loves to go shopping and to give out pup kisses and tail wiggles. she does not bark. instead, she ‘quacks’ because her vocal cords are so tiny and even though she may be the smallest chihuahua in the world, she has a big attitude! if she see’s a big dog, she will play with them and shows no fear.

princess the chihuahua

princess is a very affectionate chihuahua. she has a website with her sister jazmine the pomeranian called princess and jazmine. princess really is one of a kind. you just don’t see chihuahua’s this small everyday. her pictures show how tiny and girly she really is.

everywhere we go, whether it be the mall, the park, a cafe or to dog shops, we get stopped by people who want to hold, pet, or ask questions about her. in her world, i think she truly believes she is a famous chihuahua.

tail wiggles and pup kisses,
muwah xoxoxoxo!

princess and gizelle


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  • I have one and it name is star she has a star on her but that how she got her name

  • Kristin, if you really did understand scholarly research, then you’d know that the burden of proof is on the person making the claim — in this case, the burden of proof is on people like you who claim “teacup” chihuahuas exist as a breed.

    Clearly no one has made a scientific case for that, which means there are no studies to refute. Which takes us back to the original and correct assertion — that “teacup” is a descriptive term breeders use to justify higher prices.

  • I can’t find any actual legitimate research that backs up what Nikki and others are claiming about Tea Cups not being a real thing. Scholarly journals, science and professional testimony are absent from all these allegations. The best anyone can offer is “look up the research”. Maybe you all should research yourselves first and learn what relevant information resources actually are.

  • I have a 7yo boy and he is just under 1kg. He looks smaller then her standing next to a bottle though…… perhaps he’s just a fatty lol

  • I love chihuahuas I have seven babies

  • Soo tiny

  • nikki you are wrong teacup chi are not produced by to runts being bread together i have a teacup and she actually was the one of the only 2 that are teacup out of my litter you need to do your research


  • No such thing as “teacups”, only reason she or any dog is this small is because the breeder breeds two runts together, which is very cruel, and they should be turned in. These chis will have very short lifes as well as a lot of health problems. Princess is precious, I do agree, but I worry that as she grows a little older she will suffer for her breeders own selfishness. Kayla is absolutely correct in what she said although it could’ve been said in a nicer more caring way. Your dog is a blessing, as well as every dog and life in that matter, it is not her that is to blame, it is the breeder who for their own selfishness or ignorance. Google teacup chis, or any teacup breed of dog and u can learn more on this subject. But their is absolutely no such thing as a “teacup” anything, its just a term used by breeders to make more money, whether they have the knowledge or not. These dogs are simply just ,runts, and it is plain cruel to breed them this way, it is the dog and the dogs owners that will suffer for their cruelty.

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