viva chihuahua! disney movie #1 at box office

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disney's beverly hills chihuahua is #1 at the box office!

hooray! disney's beverly hills chihuahua topped box offices this weekend grossing 29 million!

the results are in and “dog” gone it, disney’s beverly hills chihuahua took the top spot at the box office this weekend earning a whopping $29 million!

the top 10 box office films were:

  1. beverly hills chihuahua – $29 million
  2. eagle eye – $17.7 million
  3. nick and nora’s infinite playlist – $12 million
  4. nights in rodanthe – $7.4 million
  5. appaloosa – $5 million
  6. lakeview terrace – $4.5 million
  7. burn after reading – $4.1 million
  8. fireproof – $4.07 million
  9. an american carol – $3.8 million
  10. religulous – $3.5 million

this live-action chihuahua comedy opened in 3,215 theaters nation-wide. the film was originally expected to gross $20 to $25 million, but it ended up being the most successful october debut of any disney picture.

beverly hills chihuahua features an all-star lineup of latino voice actors that includes andy garcia, george lopez, edward james olmos, paul rodriguez, cheech marin and luis guzman. radio personality piolín and opera star plácido domingo are also a part of the production


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  1. HuskyVixen

    awww I love that movie…I see it 6 times on this week :3….PAPI RULZ!!! Mi Corazon soy un paisajista…jajajaja….I want all the products od beverly hill chihuahua….awww my chihuahua died…last month….see you later I love your page

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