can you spot the chihuahua in madonna’s “human nature” video?

in case you missed it, madonna showcases her chihuahua chiquita at the 2 minute 47 second mark of the video. she even goes as far as dressing it up in a black little leather dominatrix outfit. is this appropriate? perhaps a little overboard? you tell us!

so whatever happened to little chiquita the chihuahua?

it was reported by chihuahua rescue news reports that madonna dumped her three chihuahuas chiquita, rosita and evita and they were later found at a rescue shelter where little rosita died a horrific death. not cool madonna!

post your opinion here or at the famous chihuahua facebook fan page for everyone to see!


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  • iluvchihuahuas
    May 21, 2011 11:48 am

    Poor chihuahua! chihuahua is not some toys!

  • This made me so sad/very very angry.

    I hope she gets the same treatment when she is old and her kids send her off somewhere and take her money.

  • Oh poor babies! I really think What is the reason to have a dog if you are not going to give them inconditional love, and care the same way they are with us, specially Chihuhuas that they suffer when they are left alone and abandoned!
    this famous artists like Madonna and paris hilton think they can do wherever they want with their pets,..that is not so cool!!!

  • well face it madona has always been a bit over the top on the bitchin side and this seems to be no different. The thing is that people would be surprised at anything she might do?

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