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  1. kim

    I have a chihuahua and I named him Killer.You don’t see many dogs with that name,especially chihuahuas.He loves to play and run and nibble, so it fit him well.

  2. Alicia

    Such a cutie!!

    i have five chihuahuas, and none of them have the normal chihuahua names (chico, pablo, etc.). My babies names are Kadey, Butters, Wrex, Lola, and Rambo. im

  3. Nerida

    What a cute picture!!

    I love choosing pet names. I think as chihuahuas have such strong characters that you can’t go wrong with anything starting with a title, such as Mr, Dr, Captain, Lady, Madam, etc. You could have just about anything after that and it will sound great.

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