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why does my chihuahua snore? how can a tiny dog make so much noise?

teaka the famous chihuahua snoozing – how can something so small snore so loud!”

snoring is a common occurrence in chihuahuas and has nothing to do with a collapsed trachea.  it is attributed to their short muzzle and sometimes it is loud enough to wake the house up.  it can be incredibly funny when you have visitors as no one can believe that such a small dog can make that much noise.

many new chihuahua owners are amazed the first time they hear the sounds of their chihuahua enjoying a deep, luxurious sleep.  no need to panic, it’s perfectly normal and characteristic of the breed.  in fact, chihuahuas also make snorting and grunting noises when they are playing or just investigating a new smell.  this is also perfectly normal.

snoring is something chihuahua’s do when they are relaxed and comfortable.  smile and enjoy.

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  • Celine Harwell
    April 22, 2020 4:31 am

    This is the first time I have seen so many people with a chihuahua have the same breathing, snoring issue. It always worried me because I thought she had something wrong. After listening to the above video, she literally does the same thing. I have a 8 year old long haired apple head chihuahua and she is my best friend! So glad to see and have closure that I do not need to be taking her to the vet but just know she is happy.

  • Our oldest Chihuahua Summer will be 10 next year, and we can hear her snorning over the TV ! She makes the piggy noises too.

  • I have 2 of these adorable babies. Evie is 13 months and Beau is 4 months. I was extremely worried about Evie with the reverse sneezing as if never heard of it before. Beau hasn’t started yet. Evie snores sooo loud! I wondered whether her trachea was smaller but after reading all these lovely comments, I’m not worried anymore. She is such a joy and so loving that we decided to get Beau to keep her company. I love watching the 2 of them playing. They always amuse me. I’ll be keeping an ear out for when Beau starts snoring now. I’ll just enjoy watching them and worry no more.

  • My little chunky chi we call her baby. My fiance thought she had something wrong with her. After reading all the comments on here I can now laugh when I hear her snore and grunt. She also carry’s her stuffed baby around while snorting! I would be lost without her! ❤️❤️

  • Margaret Heustis
    March 22, 2017 6:39 am

    My Peanut makes so much noise that he wakes me up. Now I have new dog that does not make any noise at all. His name Rocky and he is only 12 weeks old. I can’t wait till they both start making the noise that Peanut makes.

  • Our Arnie a 2yr old choc merle stunner, is just the same! He only stops to bum burp ! Gives me a run for my money ..,… apparently ! Quite honestly I could sit there and watch him sleep all night . His contentment and utter relaxed look on his face are a joy to watch. Never in a million yrs did I expect to fall head over heels and heels back over head for a Chi. He’s not even mine ….. He’s the wife’s dog!

  • My family is a new chihuahua family, too. My daughter had been dying for one, but we weren’t interested in a third dog. We already had a shelti and a schnauzer. An adoption opportunity fell in our lap almost two months ago, and we just couldn’t resist. Our kids’ love for dogs made me so happy, we brought home a four year old male, Coco. Very much overweight when we got him…13 lbs!!!…but we’ve gotten him down to 9.5, and the vet wants him at 8 lbs. He’ll get there because, despite how lazy he is, my daughter and the dogs get him up and moving. Coco settled in nicely literally day one. Every day has been a riot with him. The reverse sneezing!!! Ahhhhh, yes! He had those the first week or so. Our schnauzer boy has those fairly often so we knew what they were. Once he got completely comfortable, they went away. The snoring…my goodness. He snorts in his sleep very intermentedly, and the first time we heard it, we thought someone farted and didn’t excuse themself!!! Now, we’re used to it. Still sounds like farts, and we continue to get a good laugh. So, yes, we now have a chihuahua!!! I didn’t even like the breed prior to our adoption. Now, we love Coco so much, I’m changing my mind…lol!!!

  • I just adopted a 4.5 year old 5lb long haired Chihuahua she is,full breed Chihuahua only have had a couple days now she was so anxious the very first day but she is adjusting so fast..she wants to eat all the time wondered what I may feed her to curb her appetite? She also snores which doesn’t bother me because my previous Chihuahua snores also…but this one seems to grunt like a little piggy so much during the day..wonder if that may ease up the longer we have her and becomes comfortable with her new home after nearly 5 years? We love her with all our hearts so as long as we know it’s normal for some Chihuahuas we are fine with it. She’s always looking for food even after she’s ate we call her our little piggy vacuum cleaner..lol

  • I just adopted my baby and I thought she had asthma she is so loud!! Lol nice to see it’s normal. I have had her for 1 week so I was a lil nervous.

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  • My baby snores like a man lol I can’t believe her snore. It’s the cutest thing ever though!

  • My Apple head Chihuahua really surprised me the first time he snorted he was louder than the tv I mean escalade that’s his name cut loose with some doozies sometimes I just laugh and smile.

  • My Scoch is so adorable. I’ve always wanted a chihuahua, we’ve had her for over a year now, and wouldn’t know what to do without her. She is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many throughout the years, but she also can be very stubborn.
    She also snores very loud.
    Is it normal for them to sound congested. Like I said, never having a chihuahua before, I don’t know if this is normal sounding or not.

  • my very sweet, intelligent, (and quite bossy…lol) Chloe, is approximately 9 years old now. I adopted her from a shelter about 8 years ago now…and I must say that she saved me just as much as I saved her! When she is in a deep, peaceful sleep, she snores REALLY loudly. I find it incredibly cute and endearing, and I have no trouble sleeping through it…I guess I am just totally used to it. Lol. of course When my ex would snore I wouldn’t hesitate to kick or smack him awake. he would say, well your dog is snoring too, why don’t you wake her up?? I would always reply, because she is cute…you are not! Lol.

  • My sweet Chloe is only 3.5lbs she makes very loud grunt noises when she feels comfortable or just is trying to relax. Its like a grunting sound that is so loud like a very deep sigh or breath.

  • My Pixle lily makes noises 24/7. She is the noisiest doggie i know. 🙂 We call her piglet because she grunts like a lil piggy. I love her so much. She paws at me and sits up on her hind legs and waves her paws when she has to go potty. So adorable!

  • Sir Taz at 15 still snores and it is comforting – but every so often he will bark in his sleep and RUN many miles up against the calf of your legs if under the covers.

  • Good to hear that this is normal. Ruby snores so loud she wakes my husband. He can’t understand why it doesn’t wake me but I say it’s because I’ve had plenty of practice sleeping through his snoring!!

  • Jay in the Chi
    June 8, 2011 7:43 am

    I adopted my lil Jojo almost a month ago. He is 2 yrs old. he too would make those noises. I never new what it was. It being he is a pure breed. I never had a pure breed chihuahua before. I have another but she is half chihuahua half schnauzer. Beauty she is. jojo though so funny and cute…roles around snorts…gives me kisses….loves to snuggle..true companionship…i love my baby’s sooo much : )

  • Both of my, 3 y.o. long haired Chichis, make these noises as well. I use a harness on each of them when walking them but they still make these noises when excited, sleeping, and playing. if they had to have a health prob… i’d rather it be this one… compared to health probs of other breeds. not 2 mention, it’s kinda cute, if not too bad! my Bellah has started jumpg up in the soft chair… rolls on her back and barks @ nothing. she wiggles around on her back and just barks? lol, too funny! i’ve got a video clip, that i need to upload, of her doing it ;p

  • I have three Chihuahuas, Mia, Ava and Bella. Ava makes little noises when she is comfortable or want some attention and we too call them her “Baby noises”. Mia makes all types of little piggy noises when she barks she snorts when she is settling down and getting comfy she takes a deep breath and snorts while exhaling and snores like no body’s business when she’s in a deep sleep. Bella is the quit one… well bossy quit one, she’s the baby. She don’t like to be waken up/disturbed while she’s laying with me by the other two or she gets very mad lol. I wouldn’t trade my girls for anything. They are truly my pride and joy and it is such a blessing to feel such a connection with animals this way.


  • My Chihuahua does just that, when I work on my homework he like to take naps by my feet and would start snoring. Also he grunts when he gets really excited, often when we take him to walks or when visitors come.

  • My Merlin is tiny 18 months old weighs only 3 1lb and snores louder than my husband, he also makes a noise as though he is cholking through the day never at night, but it could be the grunting you talk about,I hope that’s all it is. He is my first dog and I am having to learn as I go.

  • My Draco makes the cutest grunting/snorting noises when he plays with us.

  • Melissa in the harbor
    June 2, 2009 3:46 am

    My Lily makes all those noises, we call them her baby noises 🙂

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