chihuahua care guide

the ultimate chihuahua care guide! learn how to care for your chihuahua!

the ultimate care guide to taking care of your chihuahua

  • do you want to learn how to properly care for your chihuahua?
  • what are some common health concerns facing chihuahuas?
  • do you know how to choose the right vet for your chihuahua?
  • do you know how to choose the right diet to make sure that your chihuahua is healthy?

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you will also learn all of this incredible information with this book!

  • find out where chihuahuas come from – uncover their history and ancient origins
  • when and at what temperatures you should never walk your chihuahua outdoors
  • an extremely detailed description of a standard chihuahua’s physique, and the things that will disqualify it at dog shows
  • the two types of chihuahua coats, what they look like and which one sheds the least
  • temperament and behavioral characteristics of the average chihuahua as well as the importance of proper socialization at an early age
  • the amount of space and exercise chihuahuas really need. the answer may surprise you!
  • chihuahua care bathing tips – when to bathe, which areas you should avoid getting wet, and how to keep your chihuahua warm
  • the dangers of using a collar and leash vs. a body harness when exercising with or walking your chihuahua
  • an example feeding schedule for chihuahua puppies, how to tell when your dog needs to go on a diet, and what things you must never feed it
  • grooming tips, which include: eye care, nail clipping tricks of the trade, and more!
  • massive amounts of health information that could potentially save your chihuahua’s life! topics covered: “reverse sneezing,” general vaccinations, hypoglycemia, low fatty acids, obesity, pre-vaccinations, slipped stifle, vaccinosis… and more!
  • the type of person that makes a good chihuahua owner, the pros and cons of owning one, and how children get along with them
  • four full pages all about housebreaking your Chihuahua! Learn about physical problems, what to do about indoor accidents, word association, differences between crate and paper training, etc.
  • critical information you must know before breeding chihuahuas
  • six quick facts that all Chihuahua owners shouldn’t be without!
  • over seven important myths and truths surrounding chihuahuas – including their cost, how long they live, if they really help asthma or not, the “teacup” controversy, etc.
  • how to adopt the perfect chihuahua for you or your family – and find out about the major chihuahua rescue organizations

“what chihuahua owners are saying!”

“I am soooo impressed with your book! It is so well done — excellent presentation, excellent information… You covered so many topics so thoroughly and it really sounded like you were describing my Niki! I was very impressed with the information on rescues (Niki is a puppy mill rescue). I thought that should be emphasized and you did it. I also like how you addressed the ‘fad’ issue.” ~ Deida, Georgia, USA

“The book was excellent. I really enjoyed reading it. I previously owned a Chihuahua and I will be getting another one next month and I learned so many new things about these beautiful little animals. Also, I loved the fact of being able to make dog treats for my puppy. When I was reading over the recipes I wanted to run home and start baking.” ~ J. Ramirez, Maryland, USA

“It was fantastic. I can’t believe how you’ve perfectly captured the behavior and characteristics of the Chihuahua. It helped explain all the silly and amusing behaviors of my little Chimi. Your appreciation for the difficulties in raising Chihuahuas and attempt to ameliorate the experience is admirable and worthwhile. Thank you!” ~ R. Madera, USA

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