sick chihuahua

how much do you love your chihuahua …enough to get medical care?

how much do you love your chihuahua?

over the years, we’ve had many requests from chihuahua owners with sick chihuahuas looking for help. we always recommend that they immediately seek help from their local veterinarian. it’s also not a bad idea to look into some dog insurance quotes on chihuahua pet insurance.

as a pure breed, chihuahuas can be more susceptible to genetic health issues than mixed breed dogs. whether you just brought your chihuahua puppy home or have a full-grown adult chihuahua, each segment of your chihuahua’s life brings about new health risks.

some of the more common chihuahua health concerns include that of patellar luxation (knee problems), corneal dystrophy (eye problems), and tracheal collapse (breathing problems). these conditions can occur at birth or over time, but should never be left untreated.

it’s important to make sure that you are providing your chihuahua with the necessary medical help they need. we are asking chihuahua owners everywhere to never deny their chihuahua of medical care. always get your chihauhua the care they need even if it means working out a payment plan to cover the costs.

if you can’t take full responsibility for your chihuahua’s health, then you shouldn’t have one.


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  • my Chihuahua threw up tonite and we feed him table food like meat we cant find the right dog food for him that he would it his not a puppy nor his old he still runs around and drinks water but tonite he shook and threw up big 3 piles of what he eat can I get some help and what to feed him that will stay down and keeps him going w enegery ?

  • I probably take mine too much, but I would rather be safe than sorry ! I love my little Abbey so much & she is just my heart ! I lost my Sandy at 16 yrs old & I am still grieving & always will, but i know i did everything for her health that she needed & abbey will always have that too. They depend on us to take care of them. !

  • If they need it, I make sure they get it.

  • I love my furbabes an they go to the vets more than I go to my Dr. If u cant afford medical care please do not have animials…

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