please help: chihuahua suffering from home sickness

dear famous chihuahua®,

please help save my mother’s chihuahua. my mom died about 1 1/2 yrs ago and her 10 yr old teacup chihuahua was living with dad until a few months ago. now she is living with a family friend and was doing fine for a couple of months, but i can see now that she is fast declining in health and we think it is from home sickness and her missing my mother.

what can we do to help her? she can’t live with my dad anymore.

if any of your readers have some advice, it would be very helpful.


please comment if you have advice that might help charlene, thank you.


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    May 10, 2011 6:53 am

    this is so familiar! my boyfriends mom died 3 years ago and we inherited her then 8 year old chihuahua. he came to live with us and at first, he didnt eat, howled all the time and was so angry. he didnt understand where his mommy had gone 🙁
    so we had him in to sleep with us – using one of his moms old jumpers for his snuggle blanket. whenever he howled, we reassured him things were okay and hugged him, we fed him all nice things, just anything to make him happy again! and it did the trick – he is now a happy healthy 11 year old chihuahua 🙂 good luck, just perservere.

  • My thought about your problem is that she is greeving her self to death the best way to make sure she is happy is bring her to live with you

  • i cannot tell you how much i love my little chi. i give her so much love, exercise, play with her with her toys and she knows she is special to me. this is what your mom’s 10-year old chi needs to know that she is very special. she probably is greaving. let her know she is loved so much. she needs to be included in everything to help her heal. good luck. hope you will let us all know how she is doing. thanks.

  • Sorry for your loss. 🙁

    It’s tough for a dog at an older age to adjust to such conditions. As it’s been said, continuity is the best thing. She’s been taken from what she’s known (for most of her life, I assume).

    It depends on the emotional conditions of where she lives now – I watch Cesar Millan, and his philosophy seems to work most of the time. If there is too much sadness for the dog, the dog cannot move on. (You’d have to check out Cesar’s info on this, as I’m not really an expert). Basically, feeling too sorry for her is not really helping either.

    I would recommend a vet visit, perhaps researching some of Cesar Millan’s info can help too. I hope the little one feels better soon. In my family, we’ve almost always had two dogs. When the older one passed away, the other would become depressed. After a while, we’d get a new young dog, and the old dog would bond with it, and get better.

  • the best thing to do for her is give her lots of lovew and attention she needs someone right now becauwe if the loss of her people she bonded to. i would also sujjest taking her to the vet. you couold even get a hlod of a canine phsycic and then u would really know whuts goin on. HOPE SHE FEELS BETTER SOON
    K., Kaido and Tika

  • Your little doggie needs continuity. She’s not sure what’s going to happen next. First she lost your mom, and then for HER she lost your dad. Now she is with a new family. She’s not just mourning your mom…she’s experiencing not keeping a bond that isn’t eventually lost. Chihuahuas are tender little dogs and need a strong bond with their human. Does she have this with the family she’s with? Do they have the time for her that your mom and dad had?

  • I am so sorry for your loss and the little one too. I don’t have an answer for you, but it is probably a combination of losing her (your mom) and then losing your dad. she is alone now… If she knows you, is there not anyway for her to be with you? I would be glad to help you, I have 2 chi’s also…
    Again, I’m sorry for your families loss.

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