Drooping Ears

What to Do When Your Chihuahua has Drooping Ears

I have a 4 month old baby chihuahua.When she was 3 months old her ears stood erect, now only 1 ear is standing and the other droops. She was never injured so whyis this happening and do I need to tape her ear or will it correct itself?

Sounds like your chi baby is teething. Chihuahuas often have one or more of their ears droop when they start teething. No one really knows why, but its likely that her ear will stand up again all on its own, but it might take a few weeks.


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  • i have a 2 month old fem teacup chihuahua i believe deerhead and her ears do not stand up and i was just wondering if they ever will i have a apple head hes 8yrs old but i got him when he was 2 so i didn’t do the puppy thing b4 with a chihuahua

  • My Chi’s ears also stood erect for a short period of time but now he is 10 months and they do not. He had mange for a month or so on the edges of his ears which we trerated with a prescribed antibiotic cream. His ears are now just starting to lean forward and hopefully they will stand up. The antibiotic cream seemed to thin his ears on the edges a bit and left them slightly jagged and not smooth and shapy.

  • Yes your right about the teething thing. That seem to be the norm for many erect ear breeds.

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