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winter paw care tips for your chihuahua! protect your chihuahua’s paws!

protect your chihuahua's precious paws

winter can be rough on your chihuahua’s sensitive paw pads. it’s a good idea to prevent winter weather-related paw pad injuries by following some basic dog paw care tips and by using products like dog bootie pet paw socks designed for paw protection.

dog bootie pet paw socks designed for paw protection

tips to prevent paw pad injuries

  • when possible, walk your chihuahua on grass or snow to avoid salty sidewalks. contact with deicers can lead to chemical burns.
  • wipe your chihuahua’s paws when they come in from the cold to prevent them from ingesting salty deicers.
  • trim inner-pad hair from long-haired chihuahuas short during the winter months to prevent ice balls that retain deicing salts from forming.
  • take your chihuahua for more frequent short walks to prevent hypothermia or frostbite.
  • feed your chihuahua essential fatty acids to prevent their skin from cracking or drying out, …and finally,
  • protect your chihuahua’s paws by having them wear dog bootie paw socks!


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  • Jamaica Jenkins
    January 8, 2017 9:08 am

    My dog is around 7-8mos old. It’s cold and snow on the ground but don’t have shoes for him. I’m trying to potty train him but the snow tends to prevent him from going to the bathroom when I take him out. Any advice of bathroom breaks til I can get something for his paws? Also when I go to bed he’s so hyper running around and in people’s faces while they sleep. I feel like a terrible pet parent and want him to be happy, but sometimes it’s so frustrating. Any advice would help.

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