remembering baby joey, the adorable chihuahua puppy of sarah steward

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joey the chihuahua puppy

here is a heartwarming few words about joey as told by sarah steward from essex, england…

we took joey into our family from a relative when he was about 4 months old.  we already had an older border collie named stan and a half jack russell rescue chihuahua named bella that joey adored.  when he first laid eyes on hera, they instantly fell in love and from then were joined at the hip.  aren’t they just adorable all snuggled up below?

chihuahuas sleeping

i know that everyone who owns a chihuahua thinks theirs is the cutest, but i can honestly say i have never walked a dog that everybody was drawn to.  young girls would say, “aww he’s just like the chihuahua in beverly hills chihuahua!”

joey loved his walks.  he was walked twice daily with all his cousins that were a range of different breeds from jack russell’s to miniature schnauzers.  we would walk to local woodlands and parks, sometimes for a couple of hours at a time and he never wanted to be carried.

chihuahua at the beach

earlier this year we took joey to the beach and he absolutely loved it!  we also took him and all his cousins to devon, west england and he enjoyed the beaches there as well.

there are many wonderful stories involving joey i could tell, but i think the thing we love to remember most were the cute games he played with bella.  they played hide and seek and when she found him we’d say “go hide joey!”, and he would hide or scoot under the bed covers.

teacup chihuahua puppy

our little joey was a very unique little boy that woke up each morning happy and lived a joyous and eventful life.  i appreciate the opportunity to share these happy moments of his life with everyone who reads this.  he truly was a very special little pup who will never be forgotten.

i’m going to miss you so much my baby boy… bless your sweet innocent heart.

r.i.p. in heaven’s rainbow bridge.  mama loves you forever…

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Comments 5

  1. sharon stringer

    so sorry for you loss,i know how hard it is to loss a pet,but in time you will be ok,but never forget,little joey had a lovely life and was well looked after he was given a nice home with a loveing family what more could you ask for,and now he is in heaven with all his friends haveing a great time,with all my love sharon

  2. Angela Cone

    I am so sorry for your loss and yes he is a beautiful little boy. I lost my baby girl Lucy last year, she passed away on my father’s b-day. you will be in my prayers because I know just what you are going through. r.i.p. joey and lucy and know that you will forever be in our hearts.

  3. Denise, Calgary, Canada

    So sorry for your loss. I have three rescues, two of them chihuahua’s, one a recent rescue from Los Cabos is a three-legger who would’ve been a great chum for your Joey! She loves to run and play and rarely wants to be carried. What a lucky boy your Joey, to have found such happiness with you! xo

  4. ANNE

    Just wanted to say I’m very sorry for your loss of Rosie and Joey, that has to be very hard! I to have 2 chihuahuas a female named Sadie a male which I saved from being abused. Oso is his name, I love them both with all my heart! I also have a female germen Shepard which I adore and her names Dakota, I love her as much as the little ones! I see all these animals and would love to save all of them from cruel people!

  5. Darlene

    Sorry to hear about your little Joey. I would feel lost and heartbroken if anything ever happened to my rocky. i just lost my husband in june, so i am glad my little chihuahua is with me. Death is hard to deal with. i hope you are okay.. I hope joey didn’t suffer.

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