22 chihuahuas from san jose head to canada to be rescued!

nadia chihuahua news 6 Comments

“hoorah for canada!”

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Comments 6

  1. Rachel

    I don’t get comments about Canadian shelters being full of big and small dogs. Are you kidding me? I just checked the Vancouver SPca site and they have 7 dogs, only 1 of which is a small dog. Does anyone really think that 7 “local” rescue dogs will supply the demand for pet dogs in a city the size of Vancouver? I adopted both of my small dogs (under 10lbs) from local rescues who brought them up from the USA. I certainly couldn’t find what I wanted (chihuahua cross) from pre-existing local populations.

  2. Post
  3. CarolJJ

    Kaye, what planet are you on?
    Canada’s shelters are full of big and small dogs.

    Sad to say that we have plenty of ‘brokers’ calling themselves rescue …flipping the dog for money.
    We have had hoarding situations going on in Bc where the dogs and cats were in worse condition than from where they came.
    This is not good. Keep the chihuahuas in the usa. There are plenty of rescues down there, compared to here.

  4. Kaye

    Great to hear good news like this. Hope more rescues can step up in the future to get these little ones out of the shelters

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