famous travel chihuahua
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famous chihuahua and international traveling pet celebrity launches book

international traveling chihauhua celebrity

“it’s montecristo the famous chihuahua!  he has a book now!”

you may remember montecristo the famous chihuahua from a few years back when we featured him on famous chihuahua!  well it was the beginning of his fabulous journey towards becoming an international traveling pet celebrity!

join montecristo the famous chihuahua as he travels around the world!

we are proud to announce that today, after 4.5 years of travel blogging with his momma, montecristo now has his first book!  the book is available on amazon.com (and .ca,.uk and .fr etc) and on his website called montecrisco travels, living life 8 inches off the ground.

famous travel chihuahua

what are montecristo’s travel books about?  here is the best way to explain it!

a vacation is no excuse to abandon a pet, yet every year, thousands of them are dumped, forsaken, and abandoned to accommodate family vacations.  however, treating your pets as family members actually means traveling with them, or providing them with their own amazing vacation while you are gone!  montecristo’s series of children’s illustrated travel guides are based on his true life adventures, proving that having a pet and traveling are not mutually exclusive.  education is the route to tackling this cause of pet abandonment.  the goal is to reach out to the next generation of pet owners and make them “with-pet-travelers!”

why you should buy this book aside from educational reasons and pure enjoyment!

a portion of the profits from every book sold is donated to vets without borders, an amazing organization that works for, and with, communities in need to foster the health of animals, people and the environments that sustain us.  make a difference and help support vets without borders’ catch and release spay and neuter programs for stray animals around the world.

chihauhua book

“what are you waiting for, buy montecrisco’s travel adventure book now!”

chihuahau with book

montecrisco making an appearance for his fans at his book launch last friday!

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contact montecristo and his mommy, sonja lishchynski

media photo credit: eva hadhazy of hadhazyphoto.com

congratulations montecristo!  you’re another great example of how our chihuahuas get noticed!

make your chihuahua famous!


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