chihuahua on xantax? is this advertisement cool? we didn’t think so?!?!?

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chihuahua on xantax?

famous chihuahua wasn’t sure of what to make of this veterinarian advertisement for xantax. either way, we are not happy about their approach to marketing and would like your feedback!

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Comments 5

  1. Lisa

    I’ve been on prescription anti-depressants for years. No one keeps them in their purse. On top of that, they’re in a childproof container.

    I’m just offended.

  2. Caroline

    Is it a way to remindering us that we have to keep our medication away from our furbabies like we do for our children?

  3. buddymom

    To me it shows how our medicines can hurt animals if they get into it. So we should keep prescription/OTC away from our furbabies

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