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a brave four pound chihuahua survives dreadful owl attack in illinois

the puncture wound chico suffered in owl attack

it’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare come true. a huge bird appears out of nowhere and swoops up their pet never to be seen again. this story will open your eyes and allow you to see why the proper outdoor dog clothing can actually prevent the worst case scenario.

… the amazing story of chico the chihuahua

a four-pound chihuahua named chico survived an attack by a great horned owl. the owner george kalomiris says chico was saved by his leash and the little doggie winter jacket that kalomiris zipped him into before taking him out for a nighttime walk in crystal lake last week.

kalomiris was walking chico early last wednesday when the dog stopped about five feet behind him and began to whimper. he turned and tugged on the leash, but chico wouldn’t move. without a sound, an owl swooped down and tried to take chico away.

apparently, the owl just came out of nowhere in the darkness. it dragged chico in the snow, but couldn’t get a good grip because of the sturdy winter jacket chico was wearing.

the dog jacket chico the chihuahua was wearing when he was attacked by the owl

chico’s winter jacket ended up saving saved him because it prevented the owl’s talons from digging in deeply enough to latch onto him. kalomiris then screamed at the bird and lunged at it. the owl let go and  kalomiris grabbed chico and ran into the house with chico in his arms.

chico’s head was scratched from getting dragged across the sidewalk and suffered a small puncture wound on his side. he has recovered physically, but now he’s afraid to go out at night, says Kalomiris.

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  • Friend Of Dogs
    June 4, 2016 7:29 am

    I live in a town that has a lot of very irresponsible dog owners. I see people’s dogs being allowed to roam. It makes me want to gather all of them into my home and take care of them, even though I’m not financially (or spatially) equipped. It gets pretty cold here in the winter, and I know coyotes are living not too far away. People who won’t look out for the well-being of their dogs don’t deserve to have an animal of any kind. They deserve the same kind of treatment they dish out to their dogs! I wonder, if you don’t want to bother taking care of your dog, why did you get him/her in the first place?

  • I like to take my chi gus to several local parks. One afternoon we were actually stalked by a large red tailed hawk, wherever we went the hawk followed and perched in a tree nearby, I grabbed a stick just in case i would have had to fight this bird off, i would have felt terrible to harm a bird like that, but even worse if anything ever happened to my little buddy.

  • I shouldn’t be a raptor hater, but I am this week. a bird of prey took oliver, our little 6 lb. poodle last monday (labor day 2011) about 10pm. My wife went outside to do an errand, oliver went out with her. my wife went around the corner of the house and heard a sickening sound. He was gone. they had only been outside for about 10 seconds. at first We suspected a racoon or fox, but with no barking or signs of struggle we started thinking owl or hawk. Since it was after dark, I am thinking an owl. Our neighbors found him the next day and his fatal injuries were consistent with what we suspected. These birds are freaks of nature. Only about 3lbs they can fly with 2 to 4 times their weight. Crushing power in their talons is 200 to 300 lbs per sq. inch. The average male human is only 60 lbs per sq. inch. This was heartbreaking for our family and our daughters were inconsolable. if you have small dogs or cats please take care!

  • always leashed on walks, no exceptions

  • We live in the “livable forest”, which means we have every forest creature you can imagine (owls, red tail hawks, deer, rabbit, etc.), but live minutes from the freeway and the mall. my little one is only allowed out at night long enough to potty and I watch him closely. he is afraid of possums and will not go out when they are out. he does not like night walks, either, or cold, but he goes, since we will not be doing potty in my house. i love him dearly but i will not humanize him because that is not healthy either

  • Everyone with a little dog should always have them on a leash because you just never know. Bigger dogs can also come out of no where and attack and if they aren’t on a leash, your pup will run, but if it’s on a leash, at least you have some control. Thank God for the jacket too, I never take out my chihuahua without a jacket and leash! We all have to watch out for our little ones.

  • OMG…..I have always worried about this happening and that is why I never let my chihuahua Lucy out alone. We live in the country and I see hawks all of the time and I know owls are out there too. I stay right beside her every step while she takes care of her business but now I am going to leash her. That scares me so bad. Glad this little one is okay!

  • I’m so glad that Chico is saved.
    I’ve encountered eagles attacking pigeons in the neighbourhood and I was shocked!!! They came by so sudden that U won’t have any time to reacte. Thank God!!! i was holding a broom sweeping my yard then.. i just use it to frighten that giant “Monster” away!

  • Aw poor baby 🙁 … glad he’s okay!

  • Chihuahuamom, give the guy a break! Dogs like to go for walks. We have little Dashunds and they LOVE to get outside for a walk , even in these temps. It doesn’t have to be long. Geez!

    January 22, 2011 2:26 pm

    I just got through reading your story.I alway’s see eagle’s and velture’s flying over my chihuahua all the time outside,and it worries me all the time that one will swoop down and get her.I can see their shadow’s on the grown in the day time and take her inside but you can’t see at night.So I will be more causeious now.Thank’s for sharing your story.Donna & Peekachue

  • sorry but there’s no reason you should have to take a lil chihuahua out at night to go potty or out in the snow there are other ways to let such a small guy go potty in or on wee wee pads or a litter box its way to cold for this even if had a little vest on . his poor lil feeet must had frozen.

  • Poor baby, I’m glad he’s ok!

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