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chihuahuas featured on animal planet

chihuahuas to be featured on animal planet's 'dogs 101' this saturday october 11, 2008
the chihuahua breed will be featured on animal planet's new series, dogs 101 this saturday, october 11, 2008

animal planet is happy to announce the series premier of their new show devoted to man’s best friend, dogs 101, this saturday, at 8 pm et/pt.

this 10-episode series is the most comprehensive look at dogs on television. the first eight episodes explore the most popular dog breeds, from the lovable french bulldog to the loyal chihuahua, to the heroic labrador retriever. two episodes will also examine the amazing variety of cat breeds.

with over 200 dog breeds recognized by the american kennel club, dogs101 will spotlight the adorable, the feisty and the unexpected.

  • is the chihuahua really the world’s smallest dog?
  • does the st. bernard have a sixth sense for predicting avalanches?
  • can the whippet see in the dark?
  • which breed is still used today as a life guard?
tune into animal planet's new series dogs 101
is the chihuahua really the world's smallest dog breed? tune in this saturday to dogs 101 to find out

dogs 101 uncovers surprising details about everyone’s favorite dog breeds from the airedale terrier to the yorkie. learn which dog breeds are best for urban living and which ones are most family friendly.

using a mix of animal experts, the personal stories of pet owners and stylized dog photography, dogs 101 is an unprecedented look at man’s best friend.


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