chiquita the brave chihuahua takes on a cougar

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    im not a bit surprised at this these little guys are walking guts , in a 3 lb bundle they are verry loayal to there owners heck mine a few years back saved my life when i was hit with a stoke and in a coma i was told that he barked 24/7 for four days untill the spca came to check out the barking dog conplaint they tokd me that they found my little guy baeking his head of and between barks licking my face to wake me up
    when the spca called the ambulance apparently he did not want the ambulance crew to take me and the spca had to hold him as he was trying to still protect me

  2. WM BEAR

    I must say the little Chihuahua should be VERY PROUD as she has found HER WARRIOR BARK!!! The one they speak of in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

    I Salute You.

    Yours Truely

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