daisy fc shirt

daisy, the 2016 world’s cutest famous chihuahua® poses pretty with her prizes!


look, it’s daisy the blind chihuahua and winner of the 2016 world’s cutest famous chihuahua® contest posing pretty in pink with all her fabulous prizes from the famous chihuahua® store!


daisy looking simply adorable in her new pink and white candy stripe dog sweater!


daisy is ready for winter looking warm and snug in her new luxury pink quilted ski dog parka!


daisy sporting her new fun and fabulous genuine authentic famous chihuahua® dog shirt!

daisy is doing well and loving all her new prizes.  we couldn’t be more happy to have such a wonderful chihuahua represent our brand as the world’s cutest famous chihuahua®, the courage and cuteness she possesses is inspiring to everyone who meets her!

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