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famous chihuahua was recently featured in the february edition of the metro pet gazette, the premier pet newspaper of british columbia, canada.

with over 200 distribution locations throughout vancouver and the lower mainland, the metro pet gazette features informative and attention-grabbing articles on pet care, services and lifestyles. we were pleased to be able to share an important message about adopting chihuahuas with their reading audience.

famous chihuahua would like to thank kim ried, the editor of the metro pet gazette and her amazing staff for publishing the article.

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Comments 3

  1. Jessie-eileen

    Omg… that is such a good article evey body should see wants happing to the chihuahuas out there

  2. Dahlia

    Wow. I love Chihuahuas, and I think this chihuahua article is a very good way of getting attention for those Chis that don’t have any homes!

  3. Minx

    CONGRATULATIONS ! great article, and message. People just don’t get that even tiny, cute little Chihuahuas end up homeless through no fault of their own.
    Pooches Gracias
    From Chihuahuas and dog everywhere 😉

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