gabriel iglasias and his senior chihuahuas

Comedian Gabriel “fluffy” Iglesias and his famous senior chihuahuas, Risa and Vinnie!

How can you not love a man who adores his chihuahuas?

Meet Gabriel Iglesias, one of America’s most successful stand-up comedians performing to sold-out concerts around the world.

What makes him so unique?

With his signature Hawaiian t-shirts and self-deprecating 5 levels of fluffy jokes, Gabriel has warmed the hearts of fans everywhere by showcasing his two adorable senior chihuahuas to the world and literally by becoming “the best dog dad” ever!

Gabriel happily takes his two senior chihuahuas, Risa and Vinnie, everywhere with him, including on tours.

So just how much does he love his chihuahuas?

Well, we recommend you check out this fabulous WeWalkDogs episode on YouTube that features the comedic legend and his chihuahuas to find out! If you’re a chihauhua lover, we guarantee you will love this!

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