teaka famouschihuahua

oops! we lost your submitted chihuahua pictures!

teaka the famous chihuahua searches for lost chihuahua picture submissions

teaka the famous chihuahua wants to let her devoted readers and followers know that last week we had a little blip with the famous chihuahua server and all chihuahua pictures and stories that were submitted from July 10th to August 15th were lost and unable to be recovered.

we are asking that if you submitted your chihuahua pictures during this time to please resubmit or resend us your story. here are the details for how to submit your chihuahua to be famous

famous chihuahua would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has submitted their chihuahua pictures and stories over the years. even though we are not able to post all of them, we read every one of them and appreciate the time and effort people put into sending us their submissions.


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