join the paws4pink breast cancer challenge and get your dog a bandana!

“get your official ‘protect the pillows’ dog bandana for just $1, click here!”

paws for pink breast cancer challenge paws 4 pink breast cancer challenge

Paws4Pink challenges dogs to create breast cancer awareness by wearing pink bandanas!

this year the challenge is to get as many of our furry friends to “Protect The Pillows” by sporting their Pink Bandana’s so all of the dogs in America are teaming up to defeat breast cancer.  this is the largest viral challenge for breast cancer awareness involving dogs in the world!

All that is asked of you is to “pay it forward” by making sure to challenge at least 3 other of your furry friends to do the same and let’s see all of our dogs sporting their “Protect The Pillows” bandanas for one full week of your choice in November or December.

click here to get your dogs Protect The Pillows Bandana for a $1 donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  100% of all donations go to research and prevention.


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