sexy greek guy and his chihuahua! … “can you say uber cute?”

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jim and lilly! sexy and uber cute!

“daddy, will there be a famous chihuahua christmas picture contest this year?”

“yes lilly!  famous chihauhua will announce the contest dates in mid-november!”

“and what about the 2013 famous chihuahua calendar daddy?”

“it will be available next week right here at baby girl!”

… meet the very handsome greek model, jim kareklas and his sweet little chihuahua lilly!  lilly was the winner of our 2010 famous chihuahua christmas picture contest.  isn’t she just darling?  is your chihuahua too cute for words?  submit your chihuahua picture today!

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  1. Jen

    I totally want this little sweetheart!!!!!!!!!! What a darling little Angel!!! 🙂 I cannot get past how adorable this little sweety is!!!! 🙂 I love seeing pics like this. I think guys that can love tiny puppies like this are just so wonderful!!!! 🙂

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