rufus 2014 wcfc

…and the title of the 2014 world’s cutest famous chihuahua goes to rufus!

worlds cutest chihuahua

… and the official title of “the 2014 world’s cutest famous chihuahua” goes to … rufus!

congratulations to louise uddströmer from stockholm, sweden!  her handsome little chihuahua rufus, whose looking all studly in his “big day boy dog tuxedo with a bow tie collar,” was the public’s favorite cutest chihuahua in our 2014 voting poll for our 2014 world’s cutest famous chihuahua picture contest!

what makes rufus so cute?

rufus has a big personality and goes everywhere with louise.  they have traveled together through europe, climbed mountains together in spain, discovered vine districts in germany, shopped for christmas and visited the EU-Parliament in brussels, belgium.  rufus has also been to a number of swedish celebrity events and featured in several pet magazines.

not only is rufus a globe-trotter, experiencing different countries and different situations, he is also louise’s best friend and is by her side always.  he sleeps next to her in bed every night, follows her all around the house and  sits next to her in a custom made mid-console chihuahua car seat when she’s driving.

nonetheless, even with this exciting lifestyle, the things rufus loves the most is running free in the forest, chasing after birds and off course food!   and what makes him extra special and especially cute is his little tongue that always hangs out on his left side… simply adorable!

what has rufus won?

rufus will receive a fabulous customized gift box from the famous chihuahua store filled with adorable chihuahua clothes and accessories and an authentic famous chihuahua® dog t shirt he can wear with pride. he will also receive a glamorous gift from the world-renowned, 2 bags of little l’s krak’ems (naturally wholesome all meat brittle dog treats), a gorgeous snuggle puppy blanket from the award winning and a copy of the award winning family approved book, the legend of the smiling chihuahua.

… and here are the 1rst and 2nd runners ups!  click images to enlarge picture!

1st runner up

teacup chihuahuas

angel and reina from beautiful aldergrove, british columbia, canada!

2nd runner up

long haired teacup chihuahua puppy

sweet little elsa, from illinois in the united states!

… and here are the 3rd, 4th and 5th runners ups!

3rd runner up

brittle chihuahua

alien from Berlin, Germany! what a little darlin’!

4th runner up

black teacup chihuahua

the adorable danny von boster from indonesia!  click image to see him dancing!

5th runner up

long haired chihuahua

lucia, the ‘under-the-covers’ burrowing baby girl from san luis obispo, california!

and what has angel, reina and elsa won?

they will each receive an assortment of 1 oz. sample bottles of maqnifiscent grooming & finishing splash and an organic shampoo bar!

they will also receive a copy of the award winning family approved book, the legend of the smiling chihuahua.

and what has alien, danny von boster and lucia won?

they will each receive a gift coupon for 10% off any item at the famous chihuahua store!

in conclusion …

famous chihuahua would like to thank everyone who submitted their chihuahua for our contest.  it was a monumental year for submissions making it very difficult tough to narrow it down to only 30 chihuahuas.  we strongly feel that every chihuahua deserves to be a famous chihuahua and we are honored to have received so many wonderful submissions.

if your chihuahua didn’t win, you may have gotten the answer to the skill testing question wrong or forgot to include it in your submission altogether.  the correct answer was 6 fabulous different colors in our new line of active dog harnesses.

if you know your chihuahua is destined for super stardom and you want to see them featured on our site, then click here to submit your chihuahua picture!