teaka krackems

crunchy krak’ems for your chihuahua! only the best all natural dog treats!

the best all natural dog treats

very rarely does famous chihuahua endorse a nutritional dog treat if they aren’t 100% sure that it’s all natural, the best quality and loved by teaka the famous chihuahua.  So if you’re looking for an all natural wholesome dog treat for your chihuahua to enjoy and you only want to give them the very best, then you must try little l’s crunchy krakem’s!

krak’ems are a freshly baked all-meat brittle that are a crunchy and flavorful alternative to conventional jerky.  they are made from human-grade poultry and meat grown free range and without the use of antibiotics or hormones.  only premium parts of meat are used, so these low calorie treats are high in lean protein, low in fat, and 100% grain/gluten free.  no glycerin, oils, salt, additives or preservatives are used and they are shipped straight from the kitchen to your front door.  your chihuahua will start wagging their tail the very moment the mailman arrives!

we guarantee your chihuahua will love krak’ems, so we’re offering a 15% discount off your purchase.  just use the coupon code ‘TEAKA’ at the checkout.  oh, and did we mention there’s free shipping on orders of 2 or more bags!  “wowsers!”

so what are you waiting for?
click here to order your bag of crunchy krak’ems!

natural dog jerky treats

“krak’ems make my mouth water auntie lana!  this smells soooo good i just have to eat it!”

chihuahua eating jerky

“yummy, yummy!  these are absolutely delicious!  loving licks all around!  … woof, woof”

you simply can’t go wrong with krak’ems, they will have your chihuahua doing back flips!


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