chihuahua puppy wallpaper

nadia chihuahua pictures 25 Comments

chihuahua puppy wallpaper

click the adorable sleeping chihuahua puppy image above to download this chihuahua puppy wallpaper for your computer desktop

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Comments 25

  1. ritababy

    Your lil baby looks like a tiny angel sleeping!!! i have two little teacups myself.i don’t look at them as dogs their my baby boys. Enjoy everyday and every kiss.(and boy do they luv kisses!) have fun….

  2. Stephanie

    This picture is adorable and I hope her owner finds her more adorable as she gets older. I just adopted two chihuahuas from a shelter and there are so many there. Mine are older and they are just as cute!

  3. Jacky

    awww i have a chihuahua and i remember when i bearly bought her, she was just like that, just brown! i love chihuahuas! they’re the best!

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