“introducing the amazing drawings of artist extraordinaire, carol zeock!”

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insightful observation of chihuahuas is an art in and of itself. as an artist and active animal activist, carol zeock has mastered it. whether it be a picture of a chihuahua sitting obediently or a picture of a chihuahua in the act of snuggling, carol zeock manages to brilliantly capture them in the most real and breed characteristic ways.

ms. zeock is best known for being able to translate her passion for animals into her graphite drawings. she has uniquely plumbed the depths of its possibilities with her original style, life-like drawings and keen powers of animal observation. carol also draws compositions of children, where she is remarkably able to capture the soul and depth of her subjects.

carol zeock was born in sharon, pennsylvania and currently lives and works in canfield, ohio. her work is collected by buyers from all over the world: the united states, germany, france, great britain, spain and canada. she also donates her time and artowork to animal rescue groups.

check out carol’s artwork at her website www.carolzeockartwork.com and follow her on facebook at carol zeock artwork. she can be reached by phone at (1) 330-360-1060. carol’s beautiful drawings would undeniably make a wonderful gift for any friend or loved one.

“peace, love and chihuahua art.

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Comments 6

  1. Norma Neal

    I am so excited to see my drawing of abbey on the website ! I absolutely love all 3 of my drawings ! I am saving to get another soon ! They are priceless & make me so happy ! You are amazing , carol !

  2. Carol zeock

    Thank you so much Famous chihuahua and thank you to all my clients who give me a chance to draw their precious furbabies and children too! I am truly living my dream.

  3. Darcie smith

    Congrats Carol….Love your drawings I own 3 of them and hope to get you do a few of my dogs soon!

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