chihuahua dental spray

spray me doggy dental spray by trudog: a natural dog dental spray that prevents periodontal gum disease in chihuahuas

did you know that 4 out of 5 dogs will get periodontal gum disease in their lifetime!

according to the american veterinary dental society, 80% of dogs show signs of oral periodontal disease by age 3!  chihuahua’s tend to be at high risk for gum disease, which often leads to more severe infections in their heart, liver and kidneys leaving owners questioning how this could occur?

but how can this happen?  you brush your chihuahua’s teeth everyday! 

daily oral dog care products that are both effective and easy to administer is almost impossible to find.  for most chihuahuas, caring for their teeth can be a chore, toothbrushes are cumbersome and often times aren’t effective.  oral rinses are messy and those “dental treats” that claim to clean your chihuahua’s teeth are usually awful tasting and end up all over.

introducing spray me, a doggy dental spray made to prevent gum disease in pets

spray me doggy dental spray is an all-natural and holistic dental spray made from essential oils that targets both tartar and bad breath.  it synergistically bonds with your chihuahua’s saliva to completely coat their entire mouth with only a couple of sprays a day!

natural dog dental spray

simply spray your chihuahua’s teeth a couple times a day and you’re done! it’s that easy!

but what’s inside spray me?  is it really all natural?

spray me is formulated with these all natural, holistic ingredients:

  • grape seed extract – helps prevent dental plaque and mitigate oral and gum diseases
  • grapefruit seed extract – is high in vitamin c,e and bioflavonoids, excellent at alkalizing body fluids, reduces periodontal inflammation, detoxifies, enhances and supports immune function
  • peppermint oil – makes very potent antiseptic properties to help battle bad breath bacteria, contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin a and vitamin c
  • rosemary oil – helps prevent plaque from adhering, natural enzyme helps to fight bad breath
  • neem oil – helps prevent bacteria from adhering to teeth.  helps prevent and reverse gum disease and acts as a natural breath freshener with antibacterial properties
  • thyme oil – controls pathogenic organisms responsible for tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath with natural antimicrobial properties

make your chihuahua’s oral care regimen easy and convenient for the both of you and try trudog’s spray me natural dog dental spray!  this is a quality product, that has proven health benefits and prevents periodontal gum disease in dogs. what more could you want for your chihuahua?

spray me doggy dental spray