orapup, the cure for your dog’s bad breath!

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teaka famous chihuahua

so our friends at orapup sent teaka the famous chihuahua some of their product to try.  i happened to mention that her breath was a little funky lately even though we brush her teeth religiously.

apparently, you can brush your dog’s teeth til the cows come home, but it still won’t get rid of their bad breath because bacteria also builds up on their tongue and it needs to be brushed away too.

orapup brush lickies

the idea is that you apply some of their yummy flavored lickies to the orapup brush and then place it in front of your dog and they lick away their bad breath.  it’s that simple.  you do it twice a day and their bad breath goes away.

we were a little resilient with teaka however, as chihuahua’s can be very picky when it comes to their palate.  regardless, we gave it a whirl and placed the beef and bacon flavored brush in front of her seeing if she would go for the bait.  and then the magic happened – she began to lick.

chihuahua licking orapup

finally, a product that even the most pickiest of dogs love.  we give orapup a huge thumbs up for helping us find a cure to beating teaka’s bad breath.  once again we can enjoy her showers of kisses!


look at teaka sitting all pretty next to her orapup  – she’s saying, “thank you orapup!”

tongue cleaner for dogs

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