bandit chihuahua

“please help save baby bandit, the chihuahua puppy in need of surgery!”


click here to find out you can help save bandit’s life

at only 15 oz. and only 10 weeks old, little bandit is as normal as most chihuahua puppies, but with one major flaw – he has mega esophagus.  this means that there is a band wrapped around his esophagus which is slowly causing him to starve to death.  he is currently being fed a very thin special mixture of meat and puppy formula mixed every two hours.

a doctor who can successfully do the surgery has been found, but the cost is very expensive and bandit’s family will need help to cover the costs.  bandit is precious and deserves to have a full life.  every dollar counts, so please find it in your heart to donate to help save baby bandit.

bandit lives in osprey, florida.  his family would like to sincerely thank everyone who donates.

find bandit on facebook at “Bandit – Chihuahua Pup in Need of Surgery”


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