dog shirts

design your own dog t-shirts and hoodies for your chihuahua!

now you can design your own dog t-shirts!

now available at the famous chihuahua dog clothes store, a funky new selection of statement dog t-shirts, harness-lined t-shirts, light-weight hoodies and fleece-lined sweatshirts made from high quality 100% cotton and features velvety-feel cotton-flock designs.

customers can customize the shirt color, text, design and design color! popular statements include; “world’s cutest chiwawa”, “talk to the paw”, “little monster”, “bad to the bone”, “stubborn bitch”, “little princess” and many more!

this selection of customized designed dog shirts is available to all dog breeds of all sizes!

what does your dog t-shirt say?
start customizing your novelty dog t-shirt or hoodie now!


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