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the best dog car seats for safe pet travel!

car seat dog cradel

dog car seats elevate your pet so they can see out and are equipped with a leash tether to attach to your dog’s harness for safe pet travel.  when looking for dog car seats, be sure to find one that will support the weight of your dog and will work in your particular vehicle.

many dog car seats attach to a vehicle’s headrests; other dog car seats simply sit on the vehicle’s seat but are designed to provide elevation.  whichever style of dog car seats you choose, always think about safe pet travel by securing your pet appropriately.

we highly recommend the car seat dog cradle for chihuahuas.  it can be attached to any seat in the car within minutes and folds flat.  the integral strap attaches to any harness to keep your chihuahua secure while they sit, stand or lay down.  knowing your chihuahua is safely restrained allows you the driver to concentrate 100% on the road ahead.

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