napsdesign dogbeds

naps design: pet bedding that’s handmade in italy! customized with your dog’s name on it! get yours now while they’re on sale!

naps design dog beds
pepe and joaquin!  these two adorable chihuahuas are loving their naps design natural dogbeds that are on sale now exclusively on etsy using this code “2015FAMCHI” for 10% off your purchase!   this sale only lasts until nov 15, 2015, so get your order in today just in time for christmas!



  • basket: wool felt needle felt in italy, not dyed, in natural brown color bergschaf wool. the result is wonderful for soft texture and color of this felt, especially compared to the classic synthetic felt.
  • removable wooden base to clean the dog bed.
  • outdoor pillow: green pistachio panama cotton 8 OZ (225 g/mq).  the opening is on the underside of the pillow and the zipper remains hidden.
  • interior pillow: cotton. local wool padded, natural insulator that is characterized by softness, elasticity and breathability.
  • washable and ironable.
  • resistant and double stitching in the pillows!
  • for indoor use only.
  • dimensions: top of basket 60 cm diameter – perfect for a chihuahua!

chihuahua on naps dogbed

when ordering, please specify your dog’s name up to 9 letters – a short name is more readable and results in a better aesthetic result.  so, if your dog has a long name, use their shorter nickname!

naps design dogbeds

please note:  this bed is made once the order has been placed.  felt and fabrics are cut and sewn by hand, making the product unique and precious.

naps chihuahua dogbed

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