trolley 2

new pet travel trolleys and backpack pet carriers! travel safely with your chihuahua!

travel pet trolley back pack pet carrier

these trolley/backpack pet carriers are amazing!  when the telescopic handle is extended, it can be used as a trolley carrier and be pulled along on its wheels.   they can also be used as a backpack using the shoulder straps at the rear and if you feel strong, they can even be carried underarm using the handle on top of the carrier.  versatility and convenience all in one!

both sides have a zip opening with netting on each side for good air circulation.  the front has a large flap, which can be raised to allow for even more air circulation while your dog can see out, but passers-by can’t see in.  the inside has a lead that attaches to your dog’s collar or harness so your dog can’t make a run for it when the door is opened and there’s a removable mat for easy cleaning.

travel pet trolly carrier

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