why a petcam is a good investment for you and your chihuahua!

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installing a petcam in your home might be questionable to some, but here’s a few good reasons why it could be the best investment you make for you and your chihuahua.


ever see those funny chihuahua videos on america’s funniest home videos?  well, if you have a petcam, your chihuahua might do something so funny or spectacular that the footage could end up making them the next big pet celebritiy!  keep in mind, you might also catch them doing something they shouldn’t be doing, so it’s also a great tool for keeping tabs on your pooch!

health and safety

if your chihuahua has a preexisting medical condition or they tend to misbehave, then a petcam is ideal for monitoring and tracking their health and activities when you’re not at home.  a petcam is also a great way to monitor your new chihuahua puppy when you’re at work ensuring they are safe!

separation anxiety

separation anxiety shows itself through symptoms like excessive salivation, barking, whining, destroying items in the home, scratching at walls, doors and floors, and attempting to escape from a crate, pen or room.  it’s very common in chihuahuas as they are not a breed that does well being left alone all day.  a petcam can provide the comfort your chihuahua needs until you return home.

chihuahua with petcam

teaka the famous chihuahua is 15 years old now, so mommy has the best petcam on the market installed at home to monitor her activity when mommy’s not home.  for the most part, she sleeps, but occasionally she needs to know mommy is close by and that’s when mommy relies on her petcam to reassure teaka that everything is okay.

if you do decide to get a pet monitoring camera, be sure to invest in a vimtag petcam –  it’s reliable, allows you to communicate freely with your chihuahua and is easy as pie to install.  and be careful not to watch your chihuahua all day, it might be so entertaining that you just can’t break away!


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