the perfect christmas gift: winter coats and jackets for small dogs!

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winter dog coats! the perfect christmas gift for your pooch!

“greetings from montana’s winter wonderland! this is elle, our newly adopted 7 month old long hair chihuahua from our local humane society. here she is modeling her new pink quilted hooded dog coat that is on sale at the famous chihuahua store. she received it just in time to keep her warm for her first snow fall! chihuahua’s definitely need warm gear to protect them in this kind of weather! … thanks famous chihuahua!”

~ carla serumgard of helena, montana

shop smart this christmas and get your furbaby a warm winter coat or jacket! check out our sale on winter coats for small girl dogs and our winter coats for small boy dogs!

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Comments 9

  1. shelly

    i like that famous chihuahua carries a variety of cute and functional apparel not just for girls but boy chihuahuas too!

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