is the world’s smallest pool player amadeus the chihuahua??

nadia chihuahua videos 2 Comments

that’s right folks, this video of amadeus the chihuahua playing pool at robin’s billiards in monroe, wa. is proof that chihuahuas can literally be trained to do anything!

famous chihuahua cute factor: how he growls as he pushes each ball into the holes!

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Comments 2

  1. Tom

    one of the many wonderful things you can teach your chihuahua. I have one that gives puppy hugs to me and loves baby carrots. Another like to chase laser lights and spin around in circles. love their personalities!
    one other that has passed on used to sit up straight at the end of my knees and balance herself. Simply amazing!

  2. Grahm

    That is a very cute chihuahua. It is true that you can teach chihuahuas to do many thins. I wish I had taught my chihuahua to do the tricks that this Amadeus knows. All I can say is 5 stars and 2 Thumbs Up to the little pool-playing puppy!

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