hilarious chihuahua walking in boots video: is this animal cruelty?

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famous chihuahua doesn’t think so. if you look at the surrounding weather conditions, you can see it’s damp. this would be very cold on the little paws of a chihuahua as tiny as they are. the only reason this chihuahua is walking awkward is because he is unfamiliar with the feel of wearing dog boots for the first time. he just needs to break them in and that will take time.

to break a chihuahua in with wearing boots, you can also put them in pet socks for dogs to help adjust them with the feel of wearing boots on their feet. what ever you do, make sure you keep your chihuahuas paws well protected at all time, in cold and hot weather. stepping onto heated pavement can be just as daunting as the damp cold.

if you still aren’t convinced that dog booties are not animal cruelty, then ask yourself what you would do in these weather conditions .. go bare foot? we didn’t think so.

with this said, little vienna sure is a cutie. you can’t help but chuckle at his adorable awkwardness as he takes his first steps in dog booties. we also love that his owner is both comforting and encouraging while cheering him on as he adjusts to the feel of it. two thumbs up!

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  1. Alice

    lòl. you know that could hurt there delicate tiny little Legs :O NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THE CHIHUAHUA WE hopE

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