the chu chi girls – me and my chihuahua video

okay so we’re not really sure what these chu chi girls were thinking in the making of this video, but none of the chihuahuas in the video look happy and are actually running away from them at the end. these chihuahuas would be much happier running in a field or a big back yard, sitting on their owner’s lap, playing fetch or having their belly rubbed.

to all prospective chihuahua owners, this is not the real scenario of a chihuahua owner. sure chihuahuas are “fun, furry and fabulous”, but the majority of chihuahua owners are not girls who wear little clothing and drink champagne in the back of a limo while singing about their chihuahuas. it’s not to say there aren’t some silly, yet fun movies out there like beverly hills chihuahua and legally blonde that paint a juicy couture image of chihuahua ownership, but these are movies that should be taken with a grain of salt, enjoyed for their entertainment value and for the love of the chihuahua breed.

with that said, what chihuahua doesn’t look adorable in cute chihuahua clothes, but in their defense, chihuahuas need to be clothed at times because they simply don’t fare well in cold weather… and it’s okay to go overboard once in a while for the sake of a cute chihuahua picture, but if you’re chibaby prefers to run around “naked” or unclothed because they are uncomfortable, then let them.

enjoy fun, furry and fabulous chihuahua videos!


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