vote for the cutest famous chihuahua®

this year we are awarding two lucky chihuahuas with the titles of the world’s cutest famous chihuahua® and america’s cutest famous chihuahua®  below are two voting polls with our top 10 contenders for both contests!  be sure to cast your vote for each contest!  click images to enlarge!

“which chihuahua is the world’s cutest famous chihuahua?”

[polldaddy poll=9051937]

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“which chihuahua is america’s cutest famous chihuahua?”

[polldaddy poll=9051988]

when will the winners be announced?  stay tuned for updates!  we will let you know!

a huge thank you to everyone who submitted their chihuahua picture, it was unbelievably hard to narrow it down.  there were many pictures that were ideal, but didn’t make the cut because they were either too small, unclear, of poor quality, had already been photo shopped and were of poor visibility of the chihuahua’s face.  for future reference, we prefer high resolution, quality .jpg images.


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